Economist Mike Delyagin: Gas — product policy

Delyagin: "There are a lot of progress, as this is not New Year’s Eve, and in the summer, when demand for gas is less than the problem of reducing supply and has no critical temper — people will not freeze. Will prepyadstviya for the industry, but not zamerzne Belarus is already canceled the news business and more than civilized than we had this winter with Belarus and last — with Ukraine.
From a formal viewpoint position of "Gazprom" looks fair, because if there is an agreement and violate her, means should be punished. But the case of Russia and Belarus in the field of energy opaque. If there was a mutual agreement that Belarusians for a reason violated, the "Gazprom" absolute rights. But if "Gazprom" believed that the Belarusians should and Belarusians about this knew nothing, then the next step is energy wars, but is allowed in more comfortable criteria for compromise. "
Reporter: "How is a high risk that the result of this conflict to stop supplies through Belarus to Europe?
Delyagin: "Man, as in time Ukrainians will steal gas supplies to Europe is reduced. But it will be an extra incentive to build underground gas storage facilities in Hungary. Because the consent of the Hungarian government to this there almost rioted. And in-2, it is still a more comfortable time, not winter. Third, unlike Lukashenka "orange" government, ordinary, reasonable person and is unlikely he will steal gas from Europe, although Europe can not stand him. It should be noted here that the Europeans do not support Democrats or antydemakratav, and those who oppose Russia. Even Lukashenko, whom they can not stand, as he had a conflict with Russia, to him immediately attitude changed dramatically in a positive way. "
Reporter: "Can this conflict be resolved in the economic sphere?"
Delyagin: "Obviously, I would like to see this dispute remained as we love to read" dispute» sub facilities management ", but everyone understands that this is unrealistic. Gas — political product, it provides infrastructure. Another problem — although Federal Government Russia and Belarus and was not created, it’s not just the two countries. These are two countries that are very zraslisya together. And already passed oil war against Belarus showed that at least some conflict will be considered within the framework of the whole complex of relations — economic, political, military, and even cultural. This inevitably. "

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