Either accept this flawed lefties

In time with the Russian lefty started beating at school. As lefty knows the nature of Oleg Trusov, formal basis to re-was that left-handed children contradict the essence of the educational process, first the very notion of "chystapisannya" unrealistic to write something in a notebook with his left hand and with all this not to smudge the ink.
"I remember very well how I retrained to write with his right hand — says Oleg Trusov. — If a man wrote to the left, all directed at him" sick "note from him laughing. Peravuchyli write, but everything else I’m doing at the moment left. When he was on tour, they were all amazed that I throw a grenade with his left hand, pistol shoot left. But such makarom I became a man with a "two-two hands."
I have only so far unless — confusing twists. There was a big problem when I ran the machine — it interfered in the army. One platoon went (I languid gun) for an order "belonged Islands" I turned to the right, behind me and began to cling to the whole platoon eventually fell. Scene at a military parade ground was very fascinating. "
But, says Oleg Trusov, he can immediately with 2 hammers nail that an indispensable during system works.
Costs re: where the left, right where?
Global industry is very timidly responds to the needs of left-handers. Virtually all modern equipment is designed for right-handed, which often leads to injury of left-handers in the workplace.
Yet small number of left-handers on their own crosses to the camp "opponents." Journalist Yuriy Naumenko states that forced "re-education" leads to "razbalyansavannya" internal state. Before this completely deformed concept of left and right hand, and most of stores destinations … for hours on hand. The fact that he did not "per se" as others, Yuriy Naumenko also vyznat school:
"My parents called the manager and stunning with a hint of the state of my mental health stated bluntly say, your offspring something wrong is happening. Ancestors taken aback: What does" not "?" So here he tries to write with his left hand! " Why … "trying?" As a result the school still forced me to write right. But it’s the only thing I’m doing right hand. Otherwise I’m left-handed as before. Renders I’m in art school with his left hand, played football , beating the ball with his left foot and so on. "
Yuri Naumenko from time to time re-emerged as its "feature": it can immediately write 2 two hands, two different text.
Lefties finished considered "not ready"?
After, as ballpoint pens ink uniformly replaced with virtually no left-handed fighting. 10-year-old Anna says that because of their own problems "leftism" is not: even if the teacher first time I saw that she writes with his left hand, was not against.
Anna: "From us really nothing special do not require …"
Reporter: "And if the experience to write with his right hand? Received?"
Anna: "It is better, of course, left. Very comfortable left. Right? No. I tried, but does not go all the same. I think it is hard to be retrained. "
Reporter: "And the kids are fine for what you write" wrong "? NOT laugh?"
Anna: "No, they have become accustomed."
Reporter: "And there’s someone in the class who writes with his left hand?"
Anna: "No, no, I’m alone."
Belarusian lefties left alone
The Ministry of Education confirmed that the left-hander is now farmed out to the family. "Remodel" only those first ancestors wish to create "right-handed". Meanwhile, by doctors, the reorientation process is not very desirable for a person who was born with a little different perception realities.
But psychologists opportunities lefties estimate is even higher than ordinary right-hander. Please lefties have spirited response and the best ability to clusters of information.
In the midst of many lefties creators and successful athletes. "Elite" lefties make such famous personalities as Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Gendryks, Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and others. Another lefty, a favorite of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, just Now notes day of birth.

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