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look at the seat of GoogleMaps Ponds for coverage of the campaign in the 30th Senno environment I chose, of course, not because it only 10 km from the railway station. Here naikrupneyshim and richest on Tolochinschine cannery, which employs 420 people. Enough so that a candidate was nominated by the National Assembly deputy head of presidential administration. Alexander Popkov Local as they say, is very affected by the seizure of their now former farm fields. And so makarom are possible electorate, Sergei Wozniak

"Stroll One … two buses sometimes do not stroll, and you do not have time …" So even in the 7th in the morning I saw that live here in different dimensions. 11th grade students, local girls Inna and Olga once again nervous, get fit classes at the district center. A forward, the factory as usual — at the time rode the bus with the workers. Well and Ozerzhy no longer correspond to their own old name. I was told about this local history teacher vasmigodki.
Vladimir VorobievSparrows
"There were lots of small lakes. Currently preserved pond, which was dug in pani Gaditskay whose name was on the ground school. Preserved basement where our food supplies. And where are unclear lakes — meliyaratsyya …" The school — one of the 2-Fri in the village, where, according to the decision of the executive committee of the village council, and only you can talk with voters and posting campaign materials. On this particular decision, I heard from the secretary,.
Ludmila KuleshovaKuleshov
"In the committee of 13 people. Stands formed — there is information on the elections, so that people come to get acquainted. Elsewhere, it is impossible …"Correspondent
"What kind of turnout expect?"Kuleshov
"97% we usually. We provide transportation — go with urns …"

"I believe that local authorities are violating the spirit of the electoral code. Themselves in ponds — one shield. To go to him, you must go to the waist through the weeds. Read nothing unreal. Decision cuts voters from getting to know the candidates applets. That campaign was quiet and relaxed … "
Confirm that azyarchane not enough versed in the election campaign, I got in street meetings with villagers.Correspondent
"You go to the polls to vote?"Lord
"And for whom to vote? Everything is expensive, and wages on the spot … We are running for 2 people from somewhere, we do not know. Why does not the 1st of our Tolochinsky area? .. Well they say, as elected grab everything for themselves in the pocket … None of the candidates came to us, did not provide utilities that people do not explain anything.’ll have to poke your finger — that’s such nonsense. "
Again comment Sergei Wozniak.Wozniak
"We did not elect the local council and the national parliament. It should address issues of national importance. Personally, I also know in the region through the newspaper" Comrade. "Last 5 years we have excellent distribute it here. When strolling through the village, it seems that the main editor, a lot of people acquainted with pleasure with me … " In small lake about 400 inhabitants of working age. Just three years there has been reversed kolkhoz partzezdu 18. 30 years it was headed by the emperor, Kirik

Lord "Kirik left as we were 10 years, Plants, Smurzhynski, Golikov, Denisevich, Bobyshav presently Jesters
— We have wiped out! Here and pigs, and cattle and calves were. And now — "nerespektabelna-unprofitable." People rebelled against Binges Bobyshava chairman. Abandoned farm why? Ugalevshchyna — there was no water, valuable content — send a tractor to clean constantly. Drozdava — content of cattle without a leash. Field began to take a winery — a potato, garden, grain … Equity in nothing invested. At a meeting of farmers voted against the merger. But Mareyka, Chairman of the Executive Committee, said, — "or voting" for ", or live as you wish." Reduced, precisely, expelled all professionals. No one was paid a dime … " I met with veterans of the collective farm, 69-year-old. Leonid Savic
For 41 years he was at the farm on the way to the groom’s head engineer. How leaders behave SEC and the district administration, Leonid calls "peremptory lawlessness." And — "a personal insult."Savic
"With the advent of modern power no help. And we are asked only to mow hay — dried and cleaned themselves. Shutoff I called the chairman, and he -" I will not give the art. "That’s left holding the bag. And when dispersed farm, Chairman of the Executive Committee said pensioners — "do not worry, will help." Mareyku I call — "and who worked on the farm?" I — "’21 each rule." He carried me — "a drunkard, farm propyl and plundered." I say, you do not understand me, but promised to help — "not a lot there that read." I say, let us turn to the presidential administration — "and who you fools will listen?" Again the word of the Lord — Area Osipovich yes.
Leonid YartsevaLord
"At the moment, here and graze their cattle — the winery took everything … We have a herd of 100 cattle was personal in the 2nd — 40. Now there were two in Pisarenko, Manko in Cancer, Valya and Marina — 5 goals … keep pigs, but not much … If you want to donate milk, take a bucket, bring to the village council. Earlier stallion flask was 11 … "Correspondent
"A factory repurchased or administrative decision, took the land?"Lord
"And no one notified us not put — amicably, naturally. Best and relatives were given land. And we — unproductive, to" dark stone "…" After hearing I could not meet with the director of the cannery. Anatoly Anyuhovsky

"Our company is 30% forms the district budget. Every second ruble tax — our way in this year in 8 months invested 8 billion. 200 million Acquired dryer, grain technique …"Correspondent
"Why in the Tolochin collective potatoes did not sow?"Anyuhovsky
"After serious culture requires large investments in machinery and land. Gross Levies in any fifth ton of potatoes — ours. This year will be 17 thousand tonnes. Award Alexander Andreyevich Popkov. Through whom also now goes orchards saturated type? Thanks not institute developer and visit the garden JSC "Arnica" president. When he saw the garden, and we 115 million debt was given … "
Recently the officially scheduled meeting with the candidate of the UDF azyarchanami Sergei Wozniak tightly stalking situation. He believes that his rival Popkov using official position, buys voters wineries.
Wozniak: "The bad in this situation — no one asked inhabitants. Hearing the pain of its own voters come to the conclusion that the main thesis of my applets true. Authority should be under the control of the people. Bureaucrats have not elected but appointed. They themselves so brazenly and lead. My suggestion — change the system power. Bureaucrat — a servant, not th
e boss! 28th must vote for a candidate who will listen to the voters. necessary to understand every fact through the tribunal office. Return violated rights of the people — that they were compensated for the land. Winery will patsyasnitstsa., or I’ll do it as a deputy or as a newspaper editor. Cannery produces 7 million tons a year drink, which is popularly called the "tangle-legs." And what Popkov decided to stand by this company , and the director was his confidant, I think it will hinder him gain the sympathy of voters … "
The director Anyuhovsky I asked:Correspondent
"You realize how societal attitudes towards the so-referred to as the" ink "?
Again, the inhabitants of the lakes do not agree with Anatoly Vasilyevich. Openly, Galina Osipovich yes Leonid Yartsev told:
VO: "Protection though kept under control, but still thrives sale. I on" points "do not go to say" this one. "But take out and sell. You will recruit to the garden for their penny? And for Free wine — why not? What most dig potatoes? And firewood … "
Correspondent"How cheaper on" points "Free" ink "than the store?"
Yartsev"Zero 5 — 2 thousand, and in the shop on a thousand more …"
Meanwhile, in the municipal store, assured the farm saleswoman cheated buyers. Complain watchman Raisa Bykov and disability groups for the production of 3 Vasily Sergeyev.
Lord "took bread, sausages, pasta — podobyut 1-2 thousand more. Took mustard — and she spoiled paper! .. At the winery bought — write how much the cost. And we together totaling as much as it is worth not written. And winery give us a check … "
I go to the store manager Ms. Zhdanovich. Ludmila can not exactly deny probable abvazhvanni yes ablichvanni own subordinates.
Zhdanovich"Such a braid with us. I do not write on the checks itself. Many checks we have, and nothing …"
During the conversation, one of the farm milkmaids jokingly threw his own head — say, you take off after what has talked. Galina exploded …
Osipovich"God be with him, I’ll just say thank you that cleared. This perpetual bondage! Better to serve in jail 5 years, but go out and be free. And here work in the morning till night and did not know for what …"
In the cramped shed heard about the arrival of the correspondent of "Liberty" crammed everyone who was doing. Tatiana beginning Pastukhova that came from Russia. Milking 50 cows, receives 340 thousand.

Pastukhova"It happens less. Winter Minimal receive. Came at 5 am, still can not escape — and fridge wash and pass the cowshed pour. Pays only for yield, and we scrub, my — is not considered. Economy and I do not I can arrange in-house, and the grandson of a small, and it was no work — rush here and there … "
After that everyone was talking vie.
Lord"130 thousand — what is wages? 6 peramarozili cool! Chairman Shutov SUV bought for themselves, and refrigerator can not! Warm water goes from the evening milk is worth — what is it on the second day! .. As it does not zakisne? there is no cooling. 700 l. and more necessary, when the heat, pour! .. we had the farm, "Zelenka" padvozilasya. Now only cattle on the stroll and flour give. Not enough fodder — not enough salary … People do not want a penny for up to 4, a day depart and finish at 23.30 … Here now from the winery’s gardens. Currently I do not want to work — go to the garden or on potatoes. apples can abtrestsi abandoned homes, drive to pass — on bottle a day, and not one .. And I’m in the midst of an hour a day or 300-400 kg Dial. 15 minutes to surrender — and in the hands of 70 thousand! "
Information note. Per liter of milk nadoenaga SEC pay 7 rubles — lakelet winter, for example, milking less than 5 l .. For deposited on the same cannery kg of apples — two hundred and twentieth Downstream — 30 times more. In Minsk at the end I asked the opposition candidate Sergei Wozniak:
Correspondent"What are your chances against Popkov?"
WozniakI know that there are areas where we would get the win. Where a very good job and with the help of the newspaper "Comrade," and my team. The least ability to work across the environment — no administrative resources and Mercedes. In Popkov be enormous difficulties — need to be with ballots khimichit, engage in falsification. Indisputable victory he did not get … "

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