Either return to its former glory Zametalin Belarusfilm?

In Last year on the development of the Belarusian Cinématographe had spent 8.2 billion budget funds. A "BelarusFilm" produced a record low in 80 years the number of feature films — just two: "The Messenger" and "Warm Winter".
The Head of State personally gave 22 specific orders in the field of cinematography, appointing Colonel Vladimir Zametalin CEO "Belarusfilm."
New chapter "Belarusfilm" set task: to return to the Belarusian cinema to its former glory. This year will remove the eight feature films, next year — 10. I mention only some: "Shield of the Fatherland", "Homeland or death", "Dnipro limit", "Green Beret."
While the studio does not bring profit, because the head of the country promised to give to the presidential fund additional funds. In This year Withdrawal movie "Joyful fighter" and "On the back of a dark cat" already spent one million dollars.

"How much money or invest in" BelarusFilm "frames are old."

Zhbankov critic Maxim believes that additional funds — it is excellent, but:
"Until the funds are needed besides the freshest ideas, normal generation of creators euro level, pressure and lack of ideological censorship. Because how much money or invest in" BelarusFilm "frames are old. And not the best people — those excuse for cynicism, who could not sell somewhere else (first, Moscow).
On Actually, overarching need resuscitation "Belarusfilm" which, in my eyes, within the existing system fundamentally impossible. "
In fact, many well-known masters of Belarusian Cinema — Nikiforov, Rubinchik Nechayev Kudinenko others — left to work in Moscow. Had no prospects — from time to time in the studio was a big two-three movies, because many masters have left.
At the moment, the new management is trying to attract young people. 40 two Belarusian film-study in universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in August the emperor Zametalin scheduled a meeting with them, which tells about the prospects of young people and call to work at home.

"We will have a police art, art with lyampasami."

This year is meant for the development of the Belarusian Cinématographe to 11 and a half billion to modernize equipment "BelarusFilm" economical received credit for 800 million rubles.
From September 1 to begin the reconstruction of the studio encompassing role Lithuanian investor because 37 objects are in disrepair.
And until "Belarusfilm" shoot films Russian masters, which is available for a film set — Jora Flow directors, father and offspring Todorovski.
Director Vladimir Khalip believes that only the state soil to the Belarusian literature can make the present Belarusian cinema. "BelarusFilm" can not revive the presidential decrees and the efforts of Colonel Zametalin, but only: "… creating a people freedom. Freedom of creativity, freedom of creative personnel training, of which ideology should not do, and painters. Then whatever will huge amounts of money or small, "BelarusFilm" reborn and will Belarusian cinema.
And at the moment we have the following novels, bestalantnyh, poor, simple this new Writers’ Union, headed by General Cherginets. We we have militia art, art with lyampasami. "

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