Elections to the Chamber of veterans

Dvyuhpalatny Parliament Republic of Belarus appeared after the 1996 referendum. He changed The Supreme Council, which consisted of a single chamber.
In most states — unicameral parliament, explains in special elections Sergei Alfer:
"Dvyuhpalatnyya parliaments have in the main or in countries with federal systems (for example, the U.S. or India) or, if this is historically, as, for example, in Poland."
The Board of 64 people. Each area plus capital are 8 people who are elected appropriate advice and executive committees. 8 more people personally appointed by the head of the country. Last and violates the territorial principle of the country of Belarus, — says Sergey Alpher:
"We proceed from the fact that 8 people from the president, they are more of Minsk. And because it turns out that the capital has a double Consulate compared with other regions. And only from the 1st of this can be read that the principle of the Council of the Republic is politically flawed .
And second. People who are not elected by the people and do not have any sanctions will only respond to the the man either before those bodies that appointed them. "
Midst of nominees to the Board of the Republic faces more inclined your age, heads of various institutions, municipal employees. Here that reads candidates CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina:
"15 people were formerly members of the Council of the Republic. 1 candidate — incumbent MP. This House Speaker Vadim Popov. Middle of candidates 19 ladies."
Yarmoshyna calls still some sonorous names:
"Full Archpriest Feodor Petrovich, rector of the religious community of the parish of All Saints in the town of Minsk, chapter" BBK "Nadezhda Ermakova, re-elected chairman of the Council of the Republic Gennady Novitsky, nominated person is very recognizable in diplomatic circles Mazzei Nina, the last Minister Morova Antonina Petrovna. .. "
Journalists who have to cover the work of the National Assembly, a call between the upper chamber of the veteran. By Sergey Alpher this occasion reads as follows:
"Excuse me, I would say very rudely it — sump for the elderly. Unfortunately, in the Republic of Belarus is indeed so. Reason is that they currently have no one needed to including and power. But there is a duty to give work to those people who promised to give. "Tags: registration, candidates republic Council

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