Electronic «brains» F-22 MADE IN Fort Wayne

Hardly ordinary viewer numerous airshow knows where it is the flight control system for the most advanced in the world of the F-22 Raptor, which allows him to do impressive tricks in the air. This system is the main in Fort Wayne (Indiana pcs), writes The News-Sentinel August 31.
According to the newspaper, on Thursday about 50 employees of the company BAE met with the demo team
F-22, arrived with 2 fighters in Fort Wayne during a transit flight on the Air Force base in the State Guard Fergyusone. This visit was used to raise the morale of employees BAE who make critically important component for the aircraft, but rarely ever have the opportunity to see the finished product, in the design and manufacture of which they participated. Representatives of the F-22 team visited the plant in the town of BAE and within an hour and pilots meet the company’s employees to answer questions each other.
Although the company BAE in the main engaged in the creation of commercial products, military products fraction is about 20%. At the plant in Fort Wayne works very little, 1,100 people, 100 of them are busy working in the interests of the military.
The plant makes electrical boards that make up the base of the computer «brain» F-22 (data to generate commands for flight control). At this factory also make computer control systems for fighter aircraft F-18 Super Hornet, helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook.
F-22can fly at speeds of Mach 2 (about 1200-1300 miles per hour) and make dizzying maneuvers without risk to pilots and aircraft. This possibility has been obtained as a result of high performance fighter equipment management system, manufactured in Fort Wayne. «This aircraft is very, very, very clever. He specifically fly wherever thinks impose its pilot, and this line will make the plane of motion in the best way, «says Major General Henry» Shadow «Schantz (Henry« Schadow »Schantz). According to him, F-22 can fly in the absence of some other components, but without a control system on the boards of the company BAE will never get off the ground.
Director of avionics company BAE Corinne Beck (Corin Beck) states that «BAE boasts its own products. This was released last serial Raptor, which when exiting strip assembly was not found any defect. » Schantz thanked the employees of the plant that produced them quality components digital control system allow him to focus only on the performance of the flight task and ensure a safe return to the airfield. «Thank you guys for what you do every day so do not do enough for us,» said the pilot
BAE engineer Thomas Lee (Thomas Le) says that he felt a true union between the F-22 team and employees of the plant. «They (pilots) have seen the people who create components for their aircraft, and we have seen those who fly
F-22. I think we really need to use great reverence squadrons
F-22«Said the engineer.

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