End quote: 14.07.2007-20.07.2007

"There is a pre-sale preparation of Belarus. Most best business in Belarus, two refineries have a margin of 1 percent. Need something to do with them. Means Belarusians need silly to argue that must large part with the property, as they can not manage it. Because neither the president nor the government are not going to do any reform, puts active, young government. Sits the same nomenclature that all this and prafukae "
Leonid Zaika, managing research center "Strategy"
"I was even forced to remove the linen and turnover in One way, after another. If I could back in bras carry something cherished. All berries are pierced with a knife, pies and cakes cut into pieces. We constantly felt the pressure and now realize how it feels pressure Dad every day in the colony "
Olga Kozulin, daughter of former presidential candidate in Belarus — about personal review the other day meeting with the Pope in the colony
"Sukharenka acted as a fighter: rattled a lot, and to sense was not enough"
Sergei Satsuk, editor of "Diary" — resignations manual KGB
"Rotation in power structures — a common thing … do not have the current retirement that would be worth a comment"
, Owed, special envoy of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus in the European Union — resignations manual KGB
"It was 1937, and after the huge repression ransacked NKVD. So makarom, Now not only recovered their former system, but vorachivayutsya and former ways: first bodies cleanses society of dissenters, clean them later. The only difference is that we currently do not shoot no opposition, nor those who catches them "
Tatiana Protko, chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee — resignations manual KGB
"At the moment the threat expected from Moscow. Apparently, those who have contact with her, with those who have contact with Moscow — here these people will be removed. Even the "rat" and "Polish spies" not posodeystvuyut "
Statkevich, Social Democratic politician, the last political prisoner — resignations in the leadership of the KGB
"At the moment we have the following novels — bestalantnyh, poor, simple — this new Writers’ Union, headed by General Cherginets. We we have militia art, art with lyampasami "
Vladimir Khalip, director — about the situation in the studio "BelarusFilm"
"Lukashenko is always trying to play on the contradictions in their own environment groups, he fears that someone will take one next to it a dominant position. Overcomes Because when one group, it compensates for it by other people, so someone could he" nastuchats "on other. This basic principle of operation of the current Belarusian authorities "
Pavel Sheremet, manager of special programs Russian television "first channel" — resignations manual KGB
"Our young staff, operational-level employees, as reported to me, worked honestly and fundamentally unlike you, colonels and generals who are sitting here"
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — while presenting a new manager in the KGB department Yuri Zhadobin
"I always read and I am sure that the writer has the right to escape, has the right to weakness … "
Algirdas Baharevich writer — in "Night Freedom" about his own exile from Belarus

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