End quote: 21.07.2007 — 27.07.2007

"I believe that Belarus would be, because it is already there. Let not such that anyone, including me, it seemed to, but there is. And there it is, I believe, particularly since it does not become so, what it seemed to us as such, it just could not be. Was not it something — such — to be. "
Nyaklyayeu poet — padchsas online conference on the website of "Freedom"
"He has no political ambitions. I have two offspring, who do not want the presidential work. What they say in the West:" If Lukashenko leaves, his son will come "- is incorrect. Assigning of his son as an assistant, I meant to open a channel of additional disk imaging, and it works fine. He is competent and helps me make a decision … No manager in the world can be proud of what has full confidence in all those around him. ‘Cause me and my offspring helps. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — the answers to the French newspaper "Le Monde" to questions about the political fate of his son Victor.
"It’s all politics. Declared the same as us, at the behest of, Khan.’s And pretend that both would be very bad. Nadezhda here again" for free "to get from Russia interest-free loan."
Stanislav Bogdanovich, last starshyanya State Bank of Belarus — Belarus on negotiations with Russia on a debt for gas.
"Belarus has really debts to Russia. At the same time, President Lukashenko did not hesitate to devote a lot of words to expose the machinations of. I do not think so conduct themselves with the lender."
Zatulin, director of the Russian Institute of the CIS countries, the State Duma deputy — Belarus on negotiations with Russia on debt for gas.
"From what I see in the last 10-15 years, I realized that the Belarusian people — is multilingual people, I would have said, multicultural. On this terrain intersect different cultural impacts, and, apparently, we will never reach such a situation, when the Belarusian literary language reign throughout Belarus. necessary to accept the fact that the Belarusian literature, which will be developed in Minsk and other cities, will be bilingual — part will write in Belarusian part in Russian. By this you will need to get used to it and mentally zaaktseptavats. "
Yang Maksimyuk, translator and essayist, an analyst with Radio Liberty — in the program "Freedom Night".
"I have always been and remain a supporter of the president, because the other candidates it now I do not see. I will serve this man, if he would call … That President scolds — means he was given a base …. I hope true all the same will prevail and the president will figure everything out. "
Stepan Sukharenko, past chairman of the KGB, sent in his resignation last week — in an interview with "Narodnaya Volya".
"Just sorry man. I believe that the one who fired him, no heart, nothing else. Think pleasant to listen to native here is! And to know that the person has given his whole life, all your health. Learned, vyshkrabsya, as they say. So here, it’s nice? "
Natalia, the daughter of Stepan Sukharenko — a relative of the resignation.
"There are signs that China is called" cultural revolution "in Iran turned into Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps."
Kirill Koktysh, associate professor of Moscow University international relations — in the transmission of the "Prague accent" on human configurations in the KGB.
"Power to the nearest time Lukashenko had two supports: a cheap Russian energoelementy and" vertical "power. Deshevenky energoelementy currently remain in the past, and because at the moment like never Lukashenko wants to be sure that the" vertical "- a reliable support."
English magazine "Economist" — from the article "Preparing for difficult times" about the situation in Belarus.
"Who said that now the oranges and lemons unprofitable create greenhouses in Belarusian? Example I’m talking about. Nobody just did not try."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — During a conference call on harvesting.
"Because now Lukashenko was such a quiet, humble, unlike on itself, especially if you remember his last appearance in the KGB … at the moment really is necessary that the government and the vertical work, and did not run together in office, discussing whom and for what else was arrested, who is removed, a relative who is who and why exactly he was appointed. "
Kalinkina, chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" — Lukashenko’s speech at a conference dedicated to the harvest.

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