End quote: 30.06.2007 — 06.07.2007

"What they say, what I’m doing. Utter drag boards, boards will carry. Utter hang hooks for lifting materials," Lane "-" Deep Waters "will hang. Utter dig’ll dig. Utter dig, dig will."
Arthur, a youth activist, sentenced to imprisonment ("chemistry") for his role in "Young Front" — about his own work at a construction site in the agro farm "Zarya".
"I, frankly, fundamentally differences between Putin and Yeltsin against Belarus can not see. Simply, these leaders did the different stages of the expansion of the Russian Federation to Belarus."
Kalinkina, chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" — the transfer of the "Prague accent."
"I can hear the voice of the United States that we are against you create something economically. Unless things even by the smallest are from the U.S., we will create the most severe measures against those companies and societies who are working on the ground with Belarus the United States. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — from a speech at a festive meeting on the occasion of the official days of independence on July 3.
"It is clear that the revolution eats its own children. Reforms, in this sense, more voracious. Politician who became the path of reform, has not enough time, because they need to spend so that no one has opamyatovatsya. Moreover, he must go from politics. So it was in Poland, where the creator Balcerowicz reforms swiftly gone. So it was in Russia, where the same fate realized Gaidar team. We I do not see any impartial and personal circumstances, that Lukashenko started on the path of reform. "
Konstantin Skuratovich Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty."
"Dining is. 1st — dial loans within the country, in factories or in humans. I still remember how it was done by Stalin — bonds municipal loan for which the parents took away a third of earnings. So it is possible to release the bond issue" For rich Belarus ", without any goals to return the funds. But people do not rush."
Mike Zaleski, an economist — in the program "Examination of Liberty."
"Cards are dealt, you can start the game. But would love us to play in the same game."
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia — after a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush in Kenebankportse.
"Lukashenko praises Chavez to get some dividends. In April this year the Belarusian journalists favorite read:" The role of Hugo Chavez has no price. He engine and locomotive of world development. "But I think that with this motor, we’ll pick not too far."
Starikevich Alexander, editor of "Solidarity" — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty" on his visit to Belarus of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
"While like the calm before the storm. Maybe something will happen. Realize, I can not read something harsh, so various little things. Will when you do … Culture we do not have."
Employee duty of the Ministry of Internal Affairs — a day celebrating the official days of independence on July 3.
"The investigator said that I get upgraded from the status of a suspect in the status of the accused. Basically nothing unusual in this, I do not see. Soon it will end and the two-month period, which is given to the prosecutor and the investigator. Given that Belarus lost preferences, now there are no EU weighty arguments to influence the situation in Belarus. And there is no reason that the authorities liberalized again as first summer. "
Ivan Shyla, a youth activist — about instigated criminal proceedings against him on charges of participating in an unregistered organization.
"Who povinet?" "What?" "Who’s Who?", "Who goes there?" … Blame ourselves. And we ourselves must first repent and be responsible for the condition in which there is at the moment the country. "
Paul Seviarynets, politician, political prisoner last — during the presentation of the book "Brother."

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