English website defenders Grodno architecture

Additionally, stating, authorities are part of an old building damage. Readers will also learn about the early history of the town over the Niemen.
One of the creators of the website said he hopes that the new website will be enticed by the attention of foreign journalists and facilitate cooperation between them and patrons Grodno development.
• Grodno auctioned monument architecture, 16.07.2007 • In the center of Grodno not stop reconstruction and protests against She, 12.07.2007 • Grodno: Portraits of Governors of the town used to flash mob, 10.07.2007 • On Franak Vyachorka instituted administrative proceedings, 10.07.2007 • Grodno detainees released from the team members area, 03.07.2007 • Grodno: protest against destruction ended detentions, 03.07.2007 • To profitably destruction Grodno?, 22.06.2007 • Grodno historians suggest not to destroy, but to build, 21.06.2007 • picketed in Grodno in the coming weekend is not allowed, 20.06.2007 • Grodno memorable symbol on site of the destroyed house stood a few hours, 15.06.2007 • Grodno passed artistic actions in defense of an old town, 11.06.2007 • Protesters "Protecting Grodno together" detained before it started, 04.06.2007 • Appeal against the destruction of an old Grodno signed 789, 29.05.2007 • Grodno: how to stop the destruction of a historical building?, 27.05.2007 • Grodno destroy the castle of the XIX century, 25.05. 2007

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