Estonian newcomer program to Belarusian students

Estonia in the second one offers scholarships for Belarusian students who can not study at home because of political persecution. That Belarusians and choose how they learn? What is their scholarship and what it’s missing? Where and how students live? Of mandatory or Estonian language and how it is given Belarusians?
Ales from Gomel to study in Estonia from the past year on utility for repressed students.
"I chose the specialty" international affairs "in personal university — international institute Avdentes in Tallinn (International University Audentes, — Knows Olesya. — Since I have bachelor’s program that it was possible to select and private institutions. The problem was that I arrived later than 6 people arrived earlier and I and three other students — exclusively in mid-October, and we had less time to study Estonian. And because I had to choose a company where I could teach and Estonian British, start learning the Russian language and uniformly cross into Estonian and British languages of instruction. "
Find without help
For his role in the protests in Minsk and Gomel in the electoral process in 2006 Olesya lost a job and could not continue to study — in Belarus, she was paying for his education.
"I worked and studied in absentia. And after the events during the elections in 2006, after the area — I’m with friends and went to Minsk — finished with me a contract and I could not continue to study, because the study was associated with work and paid. I worked in a bank, she studied at the Cooperative Institute in Gomel, graduated from the two courses "- explains Olesya and adds that the Estonian example program for Belarusian students who suffered from persecution vdladav, she found herself on the web and without the help of other documents sent.
At first it was difficult to
Total in Estonia last year began their 10 Belarusian students. This year, the Estonian government has invited five students from Belarus. Perhaps not the most burning question — language: Estonian as difficult to win?
"It was very difficult — at first — recognized Olesya. — Even terribly was trained as a completely different language. After it became easier, I talked with those who also taught Estonian. We tried to read Estonian, horror disappeared. And horror I could not learn the language, also uniformly disappears. " Olesya adds a few words in Estonian — really, the main thing — do not be afraid, learn and start talking. Many Belarusians living in Estonia have this great language.
Regardless of the price
Education Belarusians Estonian government finances. Belarusian students from Tallinn told that it was made possible thanks to the Estonian youth of» association "Open Republic" ( His favorite Krishtafovich Eugene says that the choice of schools for the first Belarusian students are not limited to — most importantly, to meet the requirements of the level of knowledge for students to the universities themselves.
"Apart from scholarships and compensation covered by the price of training, no matter how much the chosen specialty Belarusians — confirms Eugene Krishtafovich. — Several people are trained to function, where the academic year is worth about two thousand euros, part — where tuition fees less but it is not significant. Where to study — students choose themselves. When students take exams and take them, the Estonian government pays every specialty.
The only limitation in this year for students who come to the moment — they can be trained exclusively in municipal Estonian universities. In the past year, when it was first set, and the government pays for the education of students from Belarus in various institutions of higher learning. "
Two of the scholarships
The total size of the scholarship is not only of the amount that a student receives each month, and other compensation.
"Overseas students we get a huge scholarship than local. A Belarusian students have the highest scholarship in comparison with other foreign students — says E.Krishtafovich. — Students from Belarus receive all costs for documents, visas, also on the road to Estonia. And if they can go home, the reimbursement of expenses incurred on the trip home twice during the school year.
Plus, students have a scholarship every month — I very nearly at the moment I can say that it is four and a half thousand kroons (over 400 bucks). This information is open, there is on the web. With this scholarship, students pay only for your home — dorm or private apartments, — as they wish. "
Laptops, mp3-players — things necessary for life
Ales, which she studied in Estonia first year, says: "Scholarships enough for it to pay for housing, so eat well and some things yourself. Other words, pretty scholarships. Enough for clothes, makeup on, and on devices — laptops, mp3-players, — here it is even cheaper than in Belarus, and these are the things necessary for life. "
Supported by students and others. "Also for us organized trips and seminars — adds Olesya. — For example, we went to the peninsula Saaremaa weekend — and it was a workshop, and the rest — all paid for."
Warmer than in Belarus
Climate in Estonia more menacing and cool than the one which used to Belarusians. Meanwhile, Olesya, who arrived in Estonia to learn from the south of Belarus, Gomel, argues that the cold does not Machala: "Especially the cold I have not seen. We Belarus winter poorly heated apartment, and here in front was quite warm. Naturally, the court winter, when cold, we are not in a long time, and in all rooms heated, comfortable, utulna.Tak that no problems with this. "
Web, washing machines, refrigerators
"It is for this year, when we studied the Estonian, we lived in a dorm — says more about the lives of the students Olesya criteria. — Hostel modern, fairly high level, with all the necessary things. Blocks of three rooms, rooms for two people, there small kitchen with electric stove, refrigerator, kitchen furniture. We can connect to the Web itself into the room — it’s 10 bucks a month, and you can use free web browsing on the ground floor in the hostel — there is WiFi. There are washing machines dropped off at the hostel. short, everything have a normal life for students. "
Estonian experience fascinating Belarusians
Why is funding this program from Estonia for Belarusian students? On the one hand, it is — a gesture of good will and aid, but also this programm support for education of young Belarusians need and Estonia itself, says Eugene Krishtafovich of "Open the republic."
Krishtafovich: "Estonia remembers how she helped too. Whereas in 1991 resumed the independence of Estonia, it was necessary to build a government youth needed a good education. Scandinavian countries, European Union, United States and are helping us.
Now, when Estonia in the European Union itself and become richer, and the means and experience in comparison with what was 17 years ago, we help our neighbors. We can share our experiences of reform. And our experience is fascinating and needs, evidenced by the fact that most of the students who came from Belarus last year, chose a specialty related to the economy and public relations. "
Public organization "Open Republic" holds common cultural, public and educational projects with Belarusian youth. Such activities also help to Belarusian students in higher education, as the Eugene Krishtafovich — one of the ways of cooperation with Belarus and Estonia foundation coming broader partnership.
"Estonia supports how can students from Belarus to the same principle as always to have a great deal with the coming neighbors. Midday from the Estonian border to Belarus — about 300 km total, or a little more. So Belarus — next. Today’s regime in Belarus — briefly, we impose. And people should keep interaction among themselves, and communication for the futur
e — it is very crucial. Belarus — an important potential political and economic partner. Because we would like to ensure that our citizens know each other better.
In addition, we — people close culturally and historically. During the struggle for independence 100 years ago, and Belarusians, Estonians fought together for freedom. We remember General Bulak-Balakhovich. In 1918-1920, the last century Belarusian and Estonian troops waged war for independence here on Estonian soil. We have almost all links and stories, and at the moment, because utility for Belarusian students is crucial moral and practical. "
Were there any prepyadstviya in Estonia with Belarusian students?
"They all started with a study of the Estonian — it was their voluntary choice, they wanted to. Different results — faster someone learns from anyone — prepyadstviya it all personally, — says Evgeny Krishtafovich. — Belarusian students remember me personally own highest motivation — that they were immediately very interested learning. They came to Estonia cooked already knew a lot about our country, the choice made consciously, but not so much that "anyhow where to go." Some of them came before studying in summer school Tartu at our invitation, and then they decided to study here, they liked us. So problems with them we did not have. A different administrative issues that were, I would not referred bolshennymi neuvvyazkami. "
This year Estonia expects new Belarusian students
This year’s program to Belarusian students lasts — only it begins later, and documents can be sent before the end of October. Information can be obtained from the Ministry of Education and Science of Estonia, Open Estonia Foundation and youth of» association "Open Republic".
Favourite association Krishtafovich Eugene said: "I believe that this project — lucky because we had requested the Government to continue finasavanne. Begged parliamentary group in support of the democratic development of Belarus, that they lobbied for the continuation of this project. And now we are waiting for January 1, 2008 year five more students from Belarus who want to study in master’s and a master’s degree in Estonia. "
"I should like to wish that nobody was afraid of, that came — says Olesya from Gomel, where he studied for a year in Tallinn. — Naturally, it seems terribly — another government, far from home — but there are very different organizers always posodeystvuyut, and need not fear. "
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