European Union in Belarus began presenting Slovakia

In the European Union from July 1, the Portuguese Presidency. But the diplomatic consulates in Belarus this country not. Does not have it in Minsk and Slovenia, which begins to lead the European Union since 2008.
What do in such cases, explains chargé d’Slovakia. Sovereign Rehak question our radio responds in Russian:
"There is a certain mechanism — if there is no respective embassies, for it controls the subsequent presidency. If there is no 2-embassies, European Council appoints the 1st of Ambassadors present. So, on behalf of Portugal will play in Minsk on May embassy.
In the collective leadership of the European Union, of so-called troika, and there is a subsequent presidency. On behalf of Slovenia it will be the French Embassy. And the third must be salting the European Commission. I hope that in a few months delegation will work in Minsk and not controlled from Kiev, as it is now. "
Another question RL — what can manifest originality Slovak local government in Belarus? — Sovereign Rehak said that there is not a need to find specificity. Allegedly, the EU’s foreign policy is determined all countries, are part of this international company.

Lubomir Rehak: "The EU is not interested in punishing Belarusians"

This divides the eye and co-Political Council of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus Vintsuk Vyachorka. He is confident that with the European Union and will continue in the upcoming issue of continuity in support of Belarusian democracy:
"In general foreign policy of the Union has a solid Euro. It can not be the sole and even more so contrary to a foreign policy of one single country. This is confirmed by recent decisions of the EU summit, which, as we know, led Germany. "
Journalists asked the emperor Rehak: Can the EU to return Belarus recently canceled preferences?
Slovak diplomat recalled that the abolition of benefits due to the fact that "the level of workers’ rights in Belarus does not conform to the International Labour Organization":
"If there will be progress in this direction, the Commission will immediately start working the count. European Union is not interested in punishing Belarusians. As human beings can realize it. If you are guided by certain rules, then you belong to benefits. Unless guided, and then benefits do not belong. "
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