Eva Vezhnovets: Types of humor of the Belarusians and the Czechs approximated

Vezhnovets: "The current date I really liked, so people understand what it is, well react usmihayutstsa where I would wish that they were smiling, and mourn where I would wish that they missed. In other words, the contact between me and the audience felt certain. Besides, I have not pinned its hopes that there will be so many people, I thought, man is 5, and so I told someone how I see the world, how to live Belarus, and it is always nice. "
Znatkevich: "You had the feeling that the people who have listened to understand everything about than there said? "
Vezhnovets: "Many. Not all, but many. If, for example, zatsinavsya translation or something else, or who appeared questions, people gave a hint each other, what it is. Apparently all the same, the only Slavic lexical place there. "
Znatkevich: "And if you do not read the language on the spot, and the realities — whether they understand what you are writing in their own stories, Belarusian life?"
Vezhnovets: "I had the impression that quite understand perfectly. Czechs still gloomy gumarok enough, if you take the same Bohumil Hrabal, and I think, types of humor that we are close together, so do not realize is unreal. "

Vezhnovets Eve (real name — Svetlana course, b. 1972) after leaving the municipal radio in 1995 for criticizing the domestic policy a couple of times tried to emigrate to the West, lived in the USA, Germany, Poland, Ukraine. She worked as a saleswoman, bebisyterkay, maid, the main editor of the law enforcement magazine "The Man." Currently working as a journalist in the media-independent. Writes stories and essays in the work she particularly noteworthy gender stereotypes Belarusian society. At the festival in Brno read the story "Jukebox, den" (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

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