F-35 for the Netherlands. PEOPLE AGAINST

F-35 for the Netherlands. PEOPLE AGAINST
Results of a survey of Dutch voters, promulgated on August 21 newspaper Dutch News, show that the majority of respondents were against the acquisition of state-American voters fifth generation F-35. Abandonment of plans to buy these aircraft are among the main proposals voters how to reduce defense spending. The study was conducted «Kligendelya Institute foreign policy.»
Results of the survey appeared cpustya few weeks when created for the Netherlands Air Force fighter
F-35(Pictured) on 6 August began flight tests in the United States. Parliament later left on that issue. Subsequent parliamentary elections scheduled for September 15.
More than half of the 1,500 respondents were in favor of the Netherlands so cheap reduced costs and received assistance from the Euro Union. Today’s government has already decided measures to reduce military spending by 4 billion euros and reduce troop strength by 12 thousand people.

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