The program of a joint strike fighter F-35 Lightning II was launched in 1997, writes ASDNews October 17. New combat aircraft should change the fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon and A-10 attack aircraft Thunderbolt II Air Force aircraft vertical takeoff and landing AV-8B Harrier and Marine Corps carrier-based fighter F/A-18 Hornet U.S. Navy.
«F-35 fighter is the fifth generation, but it means more than just stealth aircraft. It goes beyond stealth because connects voedinyzhdy within itself all the modern computer and digital technologies that control his flight and provide the highest survivability and combat effectiveness, «says Col. USMC Tomassettti Art (Art Tomassetti), who works in the program since 1998.
F-35 is a perfect combination of stealth, avionics technology «fusion Pictures» and secure digital flight control system that allows the pilot to control the aircraft excellent them identify targets and hit them. Easy to control the F-35 is mixed with the highest degree of situational awareness of the pilot. According Tomassetti, the efficiency of interaction in a group of aircraft, where pilots share information received from a wide variety of sensors, simply «incredible.» F-35 pilots, receiving information from each other, can create more and better represent themselves to the situation in the air. Currently, only experienced pilots are allowed to pilot F-35 based on Eglin. When in the program allowed new pilots, they are in a very unique learning environment, where working together with the technicians of the 3 types of troops the U.S. Armed Forces, also in contact with partners from several foreign countries participating applets.
«This is a satisfaction to fly on this plane,» shares his impressions commander of the 58th Squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Lee Kloos (Lee Kloos). Despite the availability of advanced technologies and the complexity of the aircraft, flying the F-35 is actually no different from managing other types of fighters. «It’s a plane for a generation accustomed to playing video games,» says Kloos. The F-35 has a clean cabin with all of the dashboard only 2-huge touchscreen interface, similar to a tablet computer, while most of the fighters has Consoles with abundance of switches.
«Today, our job is to take-off, landing, navigation and the main ways to train pilots,» says Tomassetti. Test pilots, working on the basis of unchanged experiencing aircraft maneuverability and reveal their combat abilities.

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