F-35 Lightning II as experienced bomber

F-35 Lightning II as experienced bomber
Maryland — August 8, F-35 Lightning II made a good step test
dropping in-flight magazine 500 kilogram bomb GBU-32 (Joint Direct Attack) at an altitude of 4 km and a speed of 800 km / h has infected a given target
The tests were conducted on the fighter F-35 (BF-3), a variant of non-long-off and vertical landing F-35.
«Although this test tools is only one event in the
series of similar weave, we play this year, it is
significant progress in testing applets
said Navy Capt. Erik Etz, director of test programs from fighter
F-35naval version of the aircraft
«The current successful launch bombs — the result of untold efforts of our team.
Designers, engineers, pilots and other people who worked long hours to bring
F-35to conduct hostilities vsepolnotsennyh

Step marks the beginning of the ability to use
F-35precision instrument and will allowpilots in the upcoming hit the enemy on the ground and in the air.
«The introduction of internal compartments for transporting weapons states on bolshennom potential abilities that JSF F-35 will be able to bring the troops»
said Dan Levin, test pilot Lockheed Martin. «Technology stealth 5th generation avionics and precision
guns … in combination with non-long flexible abilities aircraft takeoff and vertical landing F-35B will have gromnoe value for our soldiers. «
Testing aircraft correctness run guns, its transportation system andline motion flight — is the culmination of tests.
F-35 Lightning II as experienced bomber

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