Festival Mighty God until he became power event

In 1993, the pioneer of the festival in Mogilev "God Almighty" was rector of the Church of St. Stanislaus, now Bishop Wladyslaw Blin Vitebsk. The festival was created for vzaemaabagachennya cultures and rapprochement of Christians of all denominations. At the origin of the festival were folk artists of Belarus Viktor Rovdo yes Zinaida Bondarenko, docents Belarusian Academy of Music Korzhenevskaya Anna and Victor Skorobogatov. In the days of the festival city filled the multilingualism.
This year the festival was not multilingualism. Most of the participants — from Belarus and Russia. At the festival were made by one participant from Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Italy, Germany. Honorable guests of the festival were salting the United States Karen Stewart, salting Russian Alexander Surikov, the apostolic nuncio in Belarus Martin Vidovic and apostolic administrator of Minsk-Mahilyow Bishop Anthony Demyanko.
Festival organizers violated his rules
In This year Organizer, Mogilev city executive committee, refused competitive applets, which violated not only the tradition, and the regulations of the festival.
From the official side of the festival today not enough than different from last year. All marketing materials about the festival — in Russian. In the fourth day of the festival, and they disappeared from the streets of the town. About festival events can be explained or at church, or in argakamitetse. Most of the activities took place in the premises — in the church and the cultural and business center. Previously, the festival took place in the open air.
We wish to make an examination of conscience that we did well and what needs to be done "
Pet Mogilev, who often come to "God Almighty" is Victor Exactly. Thanks to his efforts and authority of the festival is not yet reincarnated in an official event of power. All past fifteen years, Victor Rovdo dyrygue consolidated choir that performs work of Nikolai and Natalia Rivne Arsenyev "God Almighty."
Center of the festival and church life remains. At this year’s festival was attended by bishops from all over Belarus. They decided to legally register a special alliance, which will organize the next festivals "God Almighty." That’s what said "Freedom" in the festival’s opening day rector and dean of the Roman Mogilevsky Faksinsky:
"Fifteen years the festival had its own status. Very crucial for the organization of the festival directorate and approve it constantly work the whole year, in the same direction, so that people who wishes have contact with the festival had it. We also wish to make an examination of conscience that we did well, and it must else to do. Fathers with their presence bishops wish to reaffirm the importance of the festival for the Catholic Church. "

Advertising festival near church
St. Stanislaus in the days of the festival
Concert in the Church of St. Stanislaus
Advertising 1st sponsor of the trailer with the Polish rooms

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