FIGHTER TYPHOON T3 made its first flight

FIGHTER TYPHOON T3 made its first flight
New fighter Typhoon Tranche 3 (Tranche 3, T3) December 9, 2013 performed the first flight from the airfield British company BAE Systems at Wharton in Lancashire. As reported by Jane «s, the plane was airborne number» 116 «. Other details about the first flight of the fighter is not specified. Visible configurations compared with Typhoon T1 and T2 new combat aircraft is not received.

According to the company BAE Systems, all the innovations implemented in fighter Tranche 3, nestled in the housing. Is it about a fiber optic bus control arms, upgraded piping system wiring conformal fuel tanks, fuel system critical relief, broadband information exchange system, improved on-board electronic equipment and preparing to install radar with active phased array antenna.

Fighters tranche 3 will be divided into two sub-steps: tranche tranche 3A and 3B. These aircraft scheduled alternately introduce new technical production. Namely, the installation of radar with an active phased array can start with Tranche 3B. First, the new aircraft will be delivered to countries — partners in the project, and then — export buyers.

In 2009, the country — the project partners Typhoon (in whose interests and is developing a fighter) have signed contracts for the supply of 122 combat aircraft tranche 3A. 31 of them is to get Germany, 21 — 30 and Italy — Spain. In December 2012 export buyer became Oman, the Ministry of Defence which received 12 fighters tranche 3A. Agreements for the supply of Typhoon T3B yet been signed.

In consortium Eurofighter, 33 percent of which is in control of BAE Systems, said that the creation of fighter Typhoon Tranche 3 will allow to increase the export potential of the aircraft. In the midst of potential buyers consortium refers Denmark, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Poland, Qatar, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

Currently, engaged in supplying customers Eurofighter Typhoon fighter first 2-tranches. Germany received 105 of 112 acquired Typhoon, Italy — 71 of 75, Spain — 51 of 53, and England — 115 of 120. Austria, is an export buyer, received all 15 fighter Typhoon T1 in a specially reduced version for air patrols, and Saudi Arabia — 32 of 72 tranche 2 aircraft.

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