Fighting mandatory retirement clans and the KGB

Drakakhrust: "It is now clear that the last Thursday in Mogilev KGB officers, posing as police officers, committee chairman beat Zenon Lomat municipal control.-Independent publications express the view that it was a provocation against Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov. This fact sheds new light yesterday’s resignation of Governing sonorous KGB.
But I suggest to see it in a broader context. When people in uniform, municipal bureaucrats, beat another bureaucrat — is very worrying indicator of the country itself. To what extent is the Belarusian authorities clan and how it affects the quality of state power?
By the way, last week unveiled a Global Bank report on the quality of municipal management in different countries. According to the report, this is the quality control in Belarus is quite low. Belarus usually throw that power in her authoritarian, undemocratic, but powerful. But, according to the professionals of the bank and with the ability to conduct mandatory unit solutions in life is huge prepyadstviya. Is it really so? Pavel Sheremet, a question for you. "
"Until next time specifically clan fighting in almost all determined by the situation in the country"
Sheremet: "If we are talking about klanavasts power, we always remember the East and Central Asia. Regarding Belarus many they say that in European countries klanavasts impossible. But I’m sure that Belarus has always existed clans, and specifically to the nearest time clan struggle almost throughout the defined situation.
When Masherau clan was partisan, and the last years wason several small clans. They were formed in the main by compatriot principle. These rustic clans were very strong. If someone from the village moved to the city in Minsk he dragged uniformly for all a family and countrymen. And these clans for Czechs fled to Belarus prof. We can create, for example, and the Attorney General and the Ministry of Interior, and other line ministries natives certain areas related or fraternities, or kinship. "
Drakakhrust: "Alexander Klaskouski, and what is your outlook? The Head of State takes a decision. But artists are divided into clans (if they are broken), consider these solutions through the prism of their own interests and the interests of their own clans. And since these various interests, the higher will rastsyarushvaetstsa and can not be implemented. Does this place in Belarus? "
"In discussions about the struggle of clans have plaque journalistic sensatsyynastsi"
Klaskouski: "The fact that there clans or, say, more gently, interest groups — it is definitely. On the other hand, it seems to me that in discussions about the struggle of clans have plaque journalistic sensatsyynastsi. It seems to me that these groups produce patronage over certain business areas, but tough criteria Belarusian authorities they act within the limits of a narrow corridor abilities.
In other words, to solve problems in the interests of a commercial structure — there are quite broad abilities, but to sabotage the decision of senior management — I think that in our situation it is unreal. "
Drakakhrust: "Paul, and what is your assessment of: whether indeed division into clans, so profound, and so people are guided by clan clans and not the public interest, that the decision to hold unrealistic?"
"Lukashenko is afraid that someone will take one next to it a dominant position"
Sheremet: "Obviously, Lukashenko may be trying to break the clan system, because its personnel reserve Mogilev fraternities was exhausted almost the first few months of his reign. And he picks up people on the accuracy for yourself. Because at the moment you can not read of clans, but the grouping. They are close to the president and fight for influence on the president and among themselves.
The fact that the pie is very small, and the decision about his separation are accepted in one place. And because the temptation to act on this decision is very high. And who is close to the president, he is "the ruler of the mountain."
Between groups is fierce struggle. For a long time we beheld the fight gangs Tityankova Sheiman and, some time later Shejman alone.
At the moment is to strengthen the grouping connected with Interior Minister Naumov, which also mana from heaven. We hear a lot of scandals associated with Naumov.
Lukashenko’s always trying to play on the contradictions in their own environment groups, he fears that someone will take one next to it a dominant position. Because when one overcomes grouping, it compensates for it by other people, so someone could he "nastuchats" on the other. This basic principle of operation of the current Belarusian authorities.
As for its effectiveness, it decreases rapidly, it is of course. Staff shortages and degradation observed in Belarus all these years. Since all used that decisions are made in one place and takes responsibility one person, no one on the ground will not make a 1st step to the right or to the left to get to the head. "
Drakakhrust: "Paul, at this point in the deterioration of relations with Russia, due to the flexibility with respect to Europe, many rumors about the exact division of the country surrounded by chapter on the" doves "and" hawks "- by adherents myagenkoy and tight lines. How do the clan section and this will fall on the "doves" and "hawks"?
"In our country, in Belarus, there is only one" dove ", and he also has a" hawk "
Sheremet: "In our country, in Belarus, there is only one" dove ", and he also has a" hawk. "And it will only depend on the course of motion. But at the moment, you can read that Belarus comes a new step in its historical development, very grave step, weights associated with the economic situation and relations with Russia. These people, that a lot of goals in power begin to think how they will spend old age, and do not believe in complete stability. In this situation, overcomes common sense and they understand that takes the form of hawks and hidden youths strum instrument is very unsafe. And because this softness, the trick for the moment overpowered.
But at times through this tender Myagenkaya skin still erupts horrible creature. And because waiting cardinal change of policy can not, and will always, as Lenin read a step forward — two steps backwards. "
"There is such Belarusian phenomenon that we have the market, but there is a business"
Klaskouski: "It is natural that such statistics, we do not find, but of course, that the percentage of immigrants from Mogilev in the higher echelons of the highest recognizable circumstances. Together with that, I think that the main principles of separation — a little more. Belarusian there such a phenomenon that we have the market, but there is a business. Such criteria dramatically increases the weight of bureaucratic decisions — who to license, preferences, whole niche market, etc. Please interests of these groups are created around certain people and peremptory agencies with opportunities. "
Drakakhrust: "At the moment we are looking a complete or nearly complete loss of the 1st of the clans. Does this mean that at the moment the Belarusian authorities to be finished clan? Pavel Sheremet, what do you think?"
Sheremet: "I do not expect anything decent from the immediate prospects of the situation in Belarus. I have great optimism of resignation and Sukharenka Demyantseya. I do not exclude that in recent times they will come up on new posts.
Almost everything will be clear after completely determine the fate Sheiman. If he goes ambassador to Venezuela, the clan of the Security Council will be significantly weakened. But today the favorite in this encounter, Minister Naumov — is not an angel. I recall specifically what came out of it the
ministry major killers and "death squads" — fighters "Almaz" Ignatovich, Malik and others. Because I believe that strengthening police Clan — he Naumov, commander of "Almaz" Karpenkov, past head of internal troops Zhadobin today managing the presidential security service Utyurina — a temporary dominant. And some opposition to this clan certainly appears. Only from which side, still hard to judge. "
Klaskouski: "Leaving aside personalities, it seems to me that for the Belarusian nomenklatura today the main problem — is how to convert power into property. While legitimate abilities not, because now it is done through the patronage of certain business structures. If we imagine that will the privatization process, the struggle between these groups escalate.
It is worth mentioning the last message from the President of the yearly, expressly sounded a warning that if someone here already let slinki he snatch a piece of cake, you realize that no homework and bureaucratic privatization will not. This fear is caused by the feeling that these groups are at a low start-up and ready to lead this fight. One hundred percent of their dismiss unrealistic, because, as already read Paul, top manager is interested in to keep some balance, so there was no monopoly domination of one of these groups.
And so these latest actions will not change anything. And until you change the political system, the struggle in those or other forms, either through the other personalities and personnel reshuffle will last. "

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