First reviewed by Basowiszcza 2007

Second and third places were taken by the citizens of Minsk "SOK" and "Unia". Title "Basowiszcza" comes from abryviyatury ALS — Belarusian Students Association. This youth organization Belarusian Poland holds a music festival since 1990. In This year jury made music critics-independent media, music and youth representatives of Internet resources, representatives of Belarusian public organizations Poland and the media.
We asked for some commentary on the participants and organizers of today’s "Basowiszcza." One of the members of the jury was a painter and lyricist Mike Anempadistov, whose version of the logo was adopted sign for this festival. Misha Anempadistov believes that "Basowiszcza" valuable competitive NOT applets:
"Nowhere waving state flags. Only we in Belarus so accepted, it is our identity. And it is very looks great. Unforgettable part of the festival. For me "Basowiszcza" valuable that there can touch the Belarusian cultural field that there lyakalizuetstsa and becomes more sensitive than melded into town. "
As for Wish Misha Anempadistov wish to create "Basowiszcza" widescreen festival, which is not only rock, but all genres of young Belarusian musician.
Favorite group-winners "and Klein Flyaus" Sergei Flyaus the first time visited the "Basowiszcza":
"Of course, extraordinary memories.’s Great when the festival is associated with certain ideology — not just a festival. Such lights warms — Belarusian-lights."
Another member of the jury — the producer Vitaly Supranovich about group "Flyaus and Klein":
Supranovich: "Naturally, then, making"Flyaus and Klein" in Belarus no longer such. The group was definitely better. For anybody if he was first Russian role in "Basowiszcza" maybe make a push to go to the Belarusian language. But "Flyausom and Klein" This victory, sure, nothing will. After all, when a group of beat on "Basowiszcza" and could not even say hello to the stage in Belarusian … Russian group has album and just a day before "Adboryshcha" (elimination round on "Basowiszcza") NIGHT MODE translates text on whiteRussian language . "
Browser online music resource "A dozen hits" Sergei Budkin talks about the festival and its configuration:
"After returning from the festival can be said that it is" Basowiszcza "other. Impossible to associate with the past, because it happened to another level. This is there participated not only Belarusian team, and pretty solid level of Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Poles. This is the competition itself. There took the first three places are completely different in style groups, indicating that the musical heritage. "
On the border detained youth who vorachivalas with "Basowiszcza", 22.07.2007
The results of the competition "Basowiszcza-2007" — "A dozen hits"
Photo report — blog ant1killera

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