Flight tests «Eurofighter» with rockets STORM SHADOW

Flight tests
Partner in the Eurofighter consortium Alenia Aermacchi company confirmed that conducted the first test in the framework of an extensive series of flight tests on the integration of missile development MBDA Storm Shadow on the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon. This is stated in a press release dated November 28, the consortium.
Initial flight tests designed to check the suspension harmless missiles. Tests began on November 27 in the heart of flight tests of Alenia Aermacchi Dechimomannu airbase in Sardinia, Italy, with the assistance of partner companies BAE Systems and Cassidian consortium Eurofighter.
Rich programm flight tests began with tests for flutter with the introduction of a broad data-processing equipment aircraft Eurofighter IPA2, refreshed by the standard Phase 1 Enhancement.
«The successful start of flight testing is good news for our program,» said Alberto Gutierrez (Alberto Gutierrez), CEO of Eurofighter GmbH. «This is one of a series of improvements that are adopted and there are many more that need to be implemented. Storm Shadow is a major step forward, increasing the ability of «air-land» fighter Eurofighter Typhoon »
Rocket Storm Shadow, who is already in service aircraft «Tornado» Air Force Italy and England, is a means of distant lesions well protected targets. New weapons systems to increment the possibility of hitting targets or NIGHT MODE funny day in all weather criteria, very fortified, such as port facilities, control centers, bunkers, missile bases, airfields and bridges that employ several sorties. This new addition to the combat functional abilities Eurofighter Typhoon.
Curb turbojet engine and with a range greater than 250 km Storm Shadow missile weighs 1,300 kg in the area and has a length of a little more than 5 meters. It will be available to operators in 2015, when they reach operational readiness fighter Eurofighter Typhoon Phase 2 Enhancements.
Storm Shadow will provide a significant leap in combat abilities «Eurofighter», allowing the platform to use the gun at very bolshennom distance outside the act of enemy air defenses.

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