FLIGHTGLOBAL pessimistic about the development of light FIGHTER IN RUSSIA

FLIGHTGLOBAL pessimistic about the development of light FIGHTER IN RUSSIA
Our homeland must build a new lightweight fighter, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian, address to the parliament on December 11, reports flightglobal.com.

«In the program there has re-creation of the task light fighter, and it will be built. Lightweight fighters need better export than heavy, «Rogozin said on the question of the 1st State Duma deputies.

Our homeland is always forms the mixed fleet of light and languid fighters, says Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the military-industrial complex. Currently, Our homeland produces versions of the Su-27 and developing stealth fighter T-50 substitution for earliest version of the Su-27. For substitution in service with hundreds of MiG-29 (pictured) is no «no trivial replacement.»

MiG MiG after the cancellation of programs from 1.44 did not develop a successor of the MiG-29. The concept of light single-engine combat aircraft popped up here and there in 2001 as an option for Air India, but New Delhi has chosen a heavy T-50.

Past commanders of the Russian Air Force advocated the formation of single-engine light fighter with the introduction of the power plant, radar and weapons T-50. Perhaps MiG after delivery carrier-based fighters MiG-29K will finish the work in this area.

In April 2013 the commander of the Russian Air Force currently Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev said that will upgrade of heavy fighter-interceptor MiG-31 to extend ekuspluatatsii until 2028.

Financing for the development and production of type 1 fighter (T-50), not to mention the 2-be «problematic» for the Russian government. Earlier this month, said that the growth of the country’s budget over the next decade will be less than previously placed forecasts.

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