For me prazdnichek independence, it — 25 March

Reporter: "Do you understand why the Belarusian independence day celebrated on July 3? What is the reason that it’s still the same date for all?"
Old man: "I find it hard to say, honestly. Though I Grodno, but I live in Russia. Prazdnichek There this point, when the constitution adopted, I remember that."
His companion: "This is a day of liberation of Minsk, that’s all, as a day of liberation of our Grodno will only July 16."
Man: "This is a day of liberation from fascism of the republic."
Youth"Day of liberation, in my opinion."
Lady: "No, I do not know why specifically today prazdnichek celebrated. "
Reporter: "And you mark this prazdnichek, it means something to you?"
Lady: "No, it’s for us so much does not mean anything. Welke weekend just relaxing and everything. "
Young Man: "Why, we know: this — day of liberation from Nazi invaders republic. Honestly, I do not like what day tomorrow will be specifically independence, and not because it was previously. All the same atWhat does the Germans? I personally do not agree with, but what does it change? "
Young Man: "Why 3 July independence day is celebrated in Belarus? Well, maybe because the ideology of our country is based on legends that Belarusians are existence of BSSR … That to me is worthless for me prazdnichek independence, it — 25 March, when Actually First Belarusian state vvarenne formed. "
Man: "This is — a day of liberation of the town of Minsk, to him and prazdnichek timed. A day of liberation of Belarus in some places of the 16th or 18th of July, when the latter city was liberated. Our city is the 16th released and Bialystok even later for sure he also went into the Belarus too. "
Young Man: "July 3 — day of liberation of Minsk during the second World War I from German troops. June 27, in my opinion, either in July was adopted Declaration of municipal sovereignty, but later moved to prazdnichek July 3. I understand I didand this in order to "unnecessary" date was not, so as not to remember what you do not need … "
Young Man: "This is a day when it was released last part of the land, specifically, July 3 was released one hundred percent whole Belarus."
Reporter: "It’s Minsk was liberated by the third."
Young Man: "Well, if you got rid of when the capital, and then celebrate."
Reporter: "But independence day was July 27, the date of adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR. You understand that? "
The young man laughed: "No, I do not know!"

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