Franak Vyachorka justified

Franak accused of violating the order in residential areas of the town. Recall: June 9, he participated in a flash mob against the destruction of the historic part of Grodno. A young man with friends putting up flyers on the facades of houses to be demolished, with an appeal to preserve the architectural and historical heritage.
Vyachorka was detained together with his friend Stephen Sviderskim. The guys in their knapsacks found a few leaflets. Stepan later fined 124 thousand rubles.
The case against Franak Vyachorka suspended. Franak decision of the administrative committee commented:
"The situation in the country, its vector change practically every day. These local bureaucrats do not know, what to do, which give sentences. We now very good prepared. Prepared a speech eyewitness. I think that the administrative commission was not prepared for such a good defense. They had no proof of my guilt. "
Administrative Commission of the Leninsky District Executive Committee Grodno suspended business with the wording: "nedakazanastsi with the offense."
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