Franak Vyachorka met with those who supported him in Poland

At a meeting with those who supported him in Poland, Vyachorka said about the latest wave of arrests of opposition youth in Belarus.
One of the favorites of the organization "Free Belarus" Cuba Michalowski said:
"Such personalities as Franak Vyachorka it for us in a certain sense, signs, because they are the same as thousands of young Poles, but can not live freely — look after them, overhear their discussion. Kind of hard to imagine for yourself what it can be in our time. If Franak knows how demonstrations took place in the bullpen what conditions it is possible to experience the atmosphere of the smallness of today’s Belarus. "
At a time when Franak Vyachorka was in the bullpen in Minsk, in Poland "Free Belarus" organized a campaign of solidarity with him. In the administration of the Belarusian president had sent hundreds of letters from around the world demanding the immediate release of Vyachorka and the harassment of democratic opposition.
"I would like to keep this company turned into a campaign of solidarity with all Belarusian youth and that she had some results. And the results, as experience shows, will "- said our radio Franak Vyachorka.

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