Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. August 2

Part 1:

• News Digest forward to.
• Talk with Lena Skrigan, one of the favorites of the Belarusian Party of Communists, whose activities are now suspended High Tribunal for 6 months.
• Poll — Do you believe in communism?
2nd part:

• "Night of research" — in extreme situations which fall Belarusians abroad?
• Poll — Where in Belarus can be extremely relaxing?
• Report from the concert in Minsk Vesny Caceres
• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.
• «Night rap." Verses Igor Bobkov.
• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Continuing the story of Homel folk-rock group "Ban Zhvirba."

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