Gazprom gave Belarus a week reprieve

Belarus has transferred now "Gazprom" 190 of the 456 million dollars zavinavachanastsi. This figure we referred spokesman "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov. He stressed that it is — the amount of the first tranche.
Since July, must already be calculated quite
So makarom, no later than August 10 Belarusian side should translate into account Russian concern still 266 million. In addition, no later than August 23 need to transfer funds and for the gas that came to Belarus in July. And if in the first half of Minsk paid only 55% of the total price of fuel, starting from July must already pay one hundred percent — $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters of gas.
Where Belarus is going to get the funds for payments? Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus promised loans in different countries: "And Chavez and our other good friends said: do not worry — how much you need for loans (and not a percentage of sales), we will give to you."
"No one in the whole world meeting billionths loans does not"
Economist, General Manager of the analytical center "Strategy" by Leonid Zaika this occasion notes:
"As the government of Colonel Chavez, he, unlike the governments of civilized nations can simply dispose of the funds. But all the fact, that, as is clear, Venezuela itself needed loans. So the argument vzaem in Venezuela hangs in the air. And other countries? I do not think there is any dignity. Generally, at this point, no one in the whole world, so to speak, Meeting billion loan does not. "
A statement of Alexander Lukashenko, the loans to pay for Russian gas even offer Western commercial banks, Leonid Zaika commented as follows:
"Private banks, banking consortium can give loans. But only under certain warranties or the mortgage — the same refineries., I think they can lay. Why not? Interest for loans usually depends on the situation. Given this may be 14, and 16 and 12%. "
Refers to the Russian military facilities
Alexander Lukashenko also said yesterday: "We also ask Russia to pay for everything that we do."
Browser international internet portal «Wider Europe» Roman Jacob believes that there You can read about a few things:
"First comes the question of Russian military facilities in Baranovichi Vileika.
And I also drew attention to the fact that almost denkov Moscow decided to joint border protection western of so-called allied countries. Coordination function for him, assigned to the Russian FSB. Maybe there is something to be considered.
And maybe, Lukashenko had in mind the interests of Russian business in Belarus.
And even earlier Lukashenko says which can be put their demands to the Russian Federation — to improve again price oil and gas transit through Belarus countryside. "
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