Gazprom threatens to raise the cost of gas to 280 bucks?

Both sides confirmed that negotiations and their main goal. But the details in Moscow and Minsk read shall be removed. At least, the press service of the concern "Gazprom" held such a conversation with Radio Liberty:
"You know, until no disk imaging. "
"But the talks ended or last?"
"Even this I can not say for you. For you must read with Kupriyanov, our press secretary," — said the representative of the press service
In the reception of Sergei Kupriyanov told me:
"And he’s on vacation."
But according to First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko clear Belarus should pay for the debts until July 23.
Debt appeared as YTD Belarus, in agreement with "Gazprom", paid for every a thousand cubic meters of gas is not $ 100, but only 50 fifth Hence the emergence of debt, which is approaching 500 million dollars.
280 bucks for a thousand cubic meters?
But, according to the Russian newspaper "gaze", "Gazprom" asks Belarusians not only pay off debt, and facing price increment for a thousand cubic meters of gas to 280 bucks.
Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin who oversees the negotiations, such option does not reject:
"There is a normal auction. Trading natural. And in Belarus and in Ukraine understand that gas prices have increased. At least as they are increasing in Russia.
And the Belarusian side, as I understand the situation, there is a natural desire to make the dynamics of price increases more gradual. In this just is the essence of trade. "Gazprom" to give a specific forecast — as it will increase the price, so were prepared for this. "
Belarusian enterprises in the first half 2007 Belarusian state paid the full price for gas.
According to unofficial disk imaging, media, who gathered at the cost of price differences, and those 625 million dollars, that "Gazprom" in This year listed for action "Beltransgaz" Tipo are on the special account of the State Bank of Belarus.
Means for calculating is?
Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk confirms that the funds for the calculations are: Belarus Ministry of money every month brings about a large budget surplus, which comes to 5.6% of gross domestic product. Why, then, the government is unwilling to repay the debt to "Gazprom"?
Romanchuk sovereign states:
"The fact that the government can not part with these funds, indicates, he does not know how to take out of the economy, these bucks, so it did not impact on the cash rate and did not lead to the risk of devaluation. "
Meanwhile Our homeland has prepared another surprise — she immediately raised to 10% oil tax. What this means Belarus?
Yaroslav Romanchuk says that Belarus is very unprofitable, so it idled refineries:
"We made the decision that the government compensates Russian oil exporter in Belarus 90% duty. From 180 bucks — it is one amount. Now she grows up. Means of the country’s budget will need more funds to pay refinery complex."
• V.Semashko: "Surely, I went on a razor knife", 19.05.2007

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