Georgia says Russian aircraft invaded its place

Missile was fired near the village Tsytelubani, which is 65 kilometers west of Tbilisi and a few kilometers south of the border of the separatist South Ossetia. Our homeland violations of air space and the shelling of the Georgian countryside denies. The representative of the Russian Air Force Colonel Drobyshevskiy said that mon Russian planes flown in the region and the air did not violate Georgia’s place.
Yet, representative of the Ministry Interior Shota Vstsiashvili said:
"It’s been two Russian jet fighters that entered Georgian airspace place at half past seven in the evening Mon They crossed the border at Kazbegi. We have fixed radars their full routes from and back to Kazbegi Kazbegi."
According to the Georgian side, rocket fragments collected, the serial number is set, and it helps to know where the rocket was made and in what country the army was armed.
The incident could further worsen the already bad relationship between Tbilisi and Moscow. In Last year Georgia sent four Russian officers, accusing them of spying. In response, Our homeland has introduced economic sanctions against Georgia, and sent hundreds of people of Georgia, accusing them of violating the visa regime.
This is not the first conflict between Georgia and similar of. In April this year Georgia accused Russia of firing from helicopters Georgian villages in the Kodori Gorge, and in 2002 — in the shelling of the Pankisi Gorge aircraft.

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