German pilots found that beat American F-22 proved not difficult

German pilots found that beat American F-22 proved not difficult
Frisky and secretive F-22 «definitely» is the best fighter air-to-air in the arsenal of favorite air force in the world. At least, wrote in 2009 of the Head of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, U.S. Air Force.

Three years later, a group of German pilots flying at its last fighter Typhoon, learned during the simulation of air combat, as you can shoot down

Middle of June 150 German pilots and eight 2-motor Typhoons arrived at the Air Force base in Alaska on Eylson planned exercises, in which apart from Germany involving the United States, Japan, Australia and Poland. Eight times during the two-week exercise individual German Typhoons against single converged
F-22 fighter base during the maneuvers, which was the purpose of simulation of air combat at close range.

The results were a surprise to the Germans, and for the Yankees, maybe, too. «We were equal,» says Maj. Gen. Mark Gruen. Basic, says Gruen, was closer to the F-22 as close as possible … and stay there. They did not expect that we are so hard on their nasyadem. «

Gruen says that Raptor excels in distance fighting out of sight with his abilities superior speed and height, sverhtehnologichnym radar and missiles long range AMRAAM. But at close range, which pilots called «merger», and more than slightly larger F-22 is in the unprofitable position. «As soon as you came» merge «with the F-22, Typhoon it is not necessarily fear,» says Gruen.

This, of course, not the results, which were waiting for the F-22. In many years in the Air Force believed that the Raptor in a dogfight no equal.

However, modern air force is meant that most of the air battles would have to pass on the far distances, avoiding close combat. But in reality, despite the desire of manufacturers of combat aircraft, more? Most of the fighting took place on the small distances, which can promise the F-22 is little chance in future conflicts.

In a study funded by the Air Force in 2008 RAND research center said that 588 cases investigated churning aircraft in aerial combat since the 1950s, only 24 occurred at longish distances, when the attacker opened fire on targets beyond the limits of visibility. RAND argues that, historically, that the rocket acts distant air-to-air has 90 percent less effective than expected.

Remains to be seen whether Raptor and AMRAAM missiles to change this trend. If the strategy battle at large distances itself does not justify, the F-22 pilots will be able to suddenly find themselves battling at close range with the latest fighter made in China, Russia or other competing states. And if the experience of the German pilots says something, then so fight the vaunted F-22 th may completely lose.

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