GETTING military trials PAK FA

GETTING military trials PAK FA
Company «Sukhoi» in 2013 will make the fifth most experienced fighter fifth generation

Test Russian perspective aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) are in accordance with the schedule in the next year to begin troop tests, the president said the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan. According to him, at this point in the trial will accept your role 3 cars. Until the end of the year to test connect fourth plane, and in 2013 — the fifth.

The 2013 schedule will begin with the general MoD tests PAK FA. In the implementation of programs from the creation of the fighter has difficulties: some systems suppliers rip off time, there is quality issues, the level of hell. Yet, says Pogosyan it — working the reasons inherent in the development of new techniques consciously to 30-40th production aircraft manufacturing process stabilizes. He noted that the Russian aircraft industry is very fundamentally increase production, first, civilian and military transport aircraft.

At the moment the aircraft «Sukhoi Superjet 100» there are about 170 applications. In the midst of foreign customers — airlines Indonesia and Mexico.

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