Glasses: a day in the streets to celebrate writing, named in Russian

Served in Russian names and 2-renamed streets — Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas that previously were named Urickogo and Karl Marx. Peranazyvanne made specifically to the days of the official Belarusian writing and printing.
Shklou public activists try to prevent the emergence in Shklou tablets with the names of the streets in the Russian — first Council seek out the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. And there — seen — on action Shklovskis officials have not heard.
In Shklovsky executive committee did not comment on the situation with the substitution of signs. Chiefs link to employment. According to the manager of the regional organization BPF Gregory Kostusev, signs, are presently undergone substitution made in 2000, during the preparation "Dozhinki."
Belarusian official day writing and printing to take place in Shklou September 2 and 3.

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