Go to the new rules of spelling and punctuation wish in 2010

It is understood that the bill in the first reading will make a year for the fall session of the House. And more (second reading, consideration of the Council of the Republic and the signing of the head of the country), he will be adopted until September 2008.
More two years MPs offer to "address all organizational issues in the application of the new rules," — said committee chairman Vladimir Zdanowicz.
Linguist Zmiter Sauko on this occasion Radio Liberty said:
"My position from the beginning was specific: no configuration in the official spelling is not subject to the criteria, when whiteRussian language de facto expelled from all official spheres of consumption — except education.
As for postponement. Bill in the semantic part is not completely prepared, contradictory, fragmentary. There have even plagiarized — pazdiranyya of certain books whole chunks. And the fact that the commission has people pretty critical instructed for the content of the project, just, I think forcing MPs to more informed action — the later adoption of the draft. "
• Peter Sadowski: "Reforming the spelling in the closed mode unreal", 21.07.2007 • Spelling and punctuation will become law, 12.07.2007 • The House of Representatives will Belarusian spelling 15.06.007

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