Government and the opposition differently noted on July 3

As at yesterday’s meeting on the occasion of the festive days of independence, the president of Belarus made first parade in the Russian language.
Normal teletranslyatsyya also conducted in Russian. Most of the songs during the march was played on Russian language.
Speech by Alexander Lukashenko demonstrated on large monitors.
He read about the last war and security:
"Lofty victory over Nazism acquired by joint efforts of the international community. And we appreciate the contribution to the fight against fascism all states the anti-Hitler coalition. "

Lukashenka: "Despite the difficulties in economic relations with Russia, Belarus will always be true allied relations "

Lukashenko said that the silence of democratic European states comes the expansion of NATO to the east and the planned deployment of U.S. protsiraket the borders of Belarus:
"We can not allow one-sided disarmament, weakening security and defense of the Union of Belarus and Russia, our common space. Despite the difficulties in economic relations with Russia, Belarus will always be true allied relations."
According to Lukashenko, security threaten information expansion, political blackmail, sanctions and economic pressure.
Lukashenka’s speech ended with the words:
"Let there be peace sky, the future, even thrives no matter what our homeland!"
Together with Alexander Lukashenko, who, unlike past years, was not in the marshal’s uniform and in civilian television demonstrated presidential administration Gennady Nyavyhlas Viktor Sheiman also — in a general’s uniform with an abundance of awards.
From time to time on the display arose Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky and Speaker of the House of Representatives Vladimir Konoplev.
"Flowers President of the Republic of Belarus"
Military parade was not such a large-scale, if compared with the previous years. According to the latest least This time done without military equipment.
After the parade announcer: "Flowers President Republic of Belarus. "It brought the podium large box, which was later demolished several athletes. Girls, who also filed a bouquet, Alexander Lukashenko, kissed and took his hands.
At the end of the procession head of the country waving flag with the inscription "Belarusian Republican Youth Union", reddish and greenish balls.
Now the favorite opposition, and together with them about 100 fifty youth activists in T-shirts with the inscription "For Freedom", laid flowers to the unending fire on Victory Square. Baskets of flowers were white-red-white ribbon and the words "For Freedom! For Belarus! . "So opposition activists celebrated a day of liberation of Minsk.

Nicholas Krukovskii "binds liberation and independence of Belarus, Russian liberation — it mercantile hype"

Member of the last war Krukovskii Nikolai believes that independence day morally and legally need to celebrate July 27, when the Supreme Council adopted a declaration of sovereignty:
"Independence of Belarus should be associated with by periodically, with those actions, the facts of history, where Belarusians have shown themselves really are independent. Associate liberation and independence of Belarus, Russian liberation — it mercantile deception.
Here shout of independence, and here the Russian language. A leading figure in this prazdnichek Independence says in Russian. In the language of the country that we have trampled on the merits ".
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From 1991 independence day celebrated on July 27, a day the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus. But at the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko in 1996 head of the municipal prazdnichka question bore the referendum. In the end, independence day was celebrated in the day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders.
Democratic forces currently preparing to celebrate the July 27 day recovery municipal sovereignty. As thesmiling in the appeal, "to achieve true freedom and independence we have succeeded only after the collapse of Russian Union. "
Opposition usually marks and Freedom day — March 25th, day of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

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