Grodno: art open-air, with the support of the Polish Mission

Now opened in Grodno art open-air "Following Napoleon Orda." Organizer is the Company painters at the Union of Poles, the authorities do not recognize. Controls Company painters Stanislav Kichko. To him questions: Which of the places the artists will participate, where they will visit that they will draw ?
Kichko: "We invited not only our Grodno painters, but also from Vitebsk, Minsk involved such recognizable painter Alexei Marochkin. Painters came to us from Poland — from Gdansk and Warsaw. We are planning to travel to the places where once Renders Orda: will Lida, where recognizable castle in the world, Krevo in Navagrudak and think even Shults enter. Later we draw already here, in the place and think the exhibition to open in our showroom on 10 ul.Ozheshko July ".
In today’s art plein air participates Dmitry Ivanovsky. What attracts you plein air, on the anniversary of the Horde?
Ivanovsky: "It is curious that just Napoleon Orda preserved in his works the historical Grodno, which was. And present day In the context of the Horde curious send again look at those monuments Grodno, which have been preserved, but that may be in Lately may simply be destroyed. "
Commissioner art plein air Stanislav Kichko

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