Grodno beer no longer exists

What happened to the workers of the enterprise? Factory Director Andrei Losev was not opposed to say, where there were jobs, but he needed the sanction of the control association "Goradnyaablharchpram" Richard Narkovich.
Sovereign Narkovich only recently in this post, but does not see any problem with the ex-workers:
"Well, for what you have this information? People employed, because no one ever made, there have been suggestions and people settled themselves. Arrange everything, no problems have not appeared: no complaints, nothing was in humans."
Reporter: "It is curious that people brewed beer, it’s not very vserasprostranennaya specialty. "
"You know what it was before, in fact they are already long it had been cooked. Situation so that they could not normally compete in the market, that’s all," — says Narkovich.
And what think about the closure of the brewery and the disappearance of local beers themselves Grodno? Do they regret it, or they liked Grodno beer?
Man: "Beer usual, of course, was the problem for the town that closed the plant. This income for the town, and it was basically good. I think bad that closed the factory."
Youth"I have not heard that the factory was closed. Average beer is not bad."
Reporter: "You take it?"
Youth"Naturally. Express so I’m not a big fan of alcohol, I’m a little athletes. But when forced to choose, I took Grodno and Lida now prefer."
Reporter: "And what about the youth thinks Grodno beer?"
Youth"I did not take the Grodno beer from three years already."
Reporter: "What’s not to like?"
Old man: "The usual beer was. In my opinion, the factory was closed, but a new building."
Reporter: "Promise, but no money while. "
Old man: "I do not know, but I promise that will be built. And our beer was not bad."
His companion: "Do you realize: I do not drink beer."
One of the goals of closing Grodno Brewery is the reconstruction of an old bridge over the Neman. It should start soon. Plant stands nearby, and the roadway will extend almost to its walls.
Grodno Brewery existed since the end of the XIX century. Negotsiant Kunz bought Sapieha Palace, and arranged it brewery. So that the factories in the palaces did not only when Russian authorities.
There is a plan to make in industrial buildings restaurant, museum of beer, microbrewery for the production of fresh beer.
Even earlier, in the Grodno ended his existence Novogrudskij brewery where Lida brewery established then making beverages.
At Grodno Brewery no longer brew beer

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