Grodno believe that nobody threatens Belarus

Young Man: "Who do we need yet to take it for themselves poverty? It is an ideology in a state such that for themselves invent dangers prepyadstviya …"
Young Man: "I think that no threats, I do not see any enemies. "
Youth"I think that there is no hostility on the part other states No — there is no danger. "
Young Man: "The policy of our country are not satisfied with the Belarusian adjacent country, we do not unite Tipo with the West and with Russia."
His friend: "Our homeland And we are threatened only by he wants reincarnate Belarus is not a sovereign government, and in their province. In short, we have lost a statesman and become a staple area. "
Man: "I think that nobody wants to attack Russia, now it is necessary to nobody. I doubt now someone with a high quality of life reached the west would anyone — no, never! "
Young Man: "No, who would threaten us? We are all ordinary people relate to each other normally, all good neighbors."
Woman: "I think that nobody threatens Belarus, but if you look telly, you can hear this, but we have it in soon do not look. "
Her friend: "The enemies have in Belarus Belarus — everyone goes, the enemy for himself, and is not to be found abroad."
Young Man: "We have no enemies, but all inside, it is necessary to start with large ranks … A: who can threaten us? Adjoining country? No!"
Young Man: "I think we all right, no one does not threaten us."
Man: "I think, no we are not threatened. According to the Constitution, Belarus pursues a neutral policy is not attached to any blocks, so I think we do not have such enemies, which may, or renders us about which they say. I’m sure they do not exist. "
Young Man: "I believe that the available opponents in Belarus. I do not see states who wished would violate our sovereignty. "
Young Man: "I do not think anyone wants us poruha we only bullying exists. Only unclear — for what?"
Man: "We are peaceful people and we have nothing to fear."
Young Man: "I think that if: threaten Belarus — it is necessary to nobody, except that only the Russian Federation."

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