Grodno Midsummer — on the shore of the Neman

We asked for details to the organizer — Edward Dmukhovskyy:
"We plan to note the people who are involved specifically to revive cultural traditions celebrations in Grodno. This in primarily, old "pahadnyantsy" Nikolai Zhukovsky Tarand and Arkady, Vera Kuntcevich, without which there is no none Midsummer, and without it the chorus of "Fatherland" Eugene Petrashevich — popular personality in the town, and Constantine Zhyn — this is our endless Kupala prince who is always engaged Kupalu organization. "
Specify that Eugene Petrashevich — is an amateur musician and composer, and Constantine Zhyn sings in the choir "Fatherland" and for a long time managed organization Grodno BPF "Revival". Edward Dmukhovskyy:
"And then everything will usually — fire, dance, performance bards, songs, dances through fire, not in a bad mood, dancing."
Sovereign Dmukhovskyy stressed that venue prazdnichka — saves ancestors Neman on which float wreaths Kupala. Another organizer, Paul Mazhejka, added that prazdnichek decorate Dudari own music that came from Minsk.

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