Grodno young defenders summoned to KGB and police

KGB summoned to an interview several youth activists detained earlier campaign "Save Grodno." They recommended abandon role in street protests. Frighten young men so that they will not be able to study and work in the country.
Grodno Stepan Sviderskaga on the executive committee of the administrative commission fined 40 basic units. According to police officers and the executive committee, he kind of spoiled town stickers calling suspend destruction of the historic part of Grodno.
Franak Vyachorka must visit in Minsk Russian administrative commission executive committee. He was detained along with Stephen.
Campaigner says "Save Grodno" Ales Zalewski:
"These actions were many young people who have not been biased in political life. They joined the defense. At the moment, unfortunately, women and men began to call on the conversation in a different kind of structure.
Several of these discussions came to the KGB, and the police, in the departments of juvenile justice. Frighten them, that they were in a list that now crossed their future — they will not go to study and get a job. "
Members of the movement "For Freedom" and campaigners "Save Grodno" made a committee that will monitor the trials of youth activists and help them.
In Grodno promotions participated youth activists from different movements and informal organizations. Youth activist BPF Nata Senin expressed "Freedom" their worldview:
"The authorities are very concerned. They did not expect that young people will respond so intensely on a not quite another vital problem of youth as a historical heritage, historical values … Besides, summer, when young be traveling, on vacation. Authorities fear the politically active youth, even more so, ahead of us expect more active autumn. This action against the abolition of privileges, and the European march "For Freedom", in preparation of which young people perceive active role. "
Several youth activists received a summons to the police and calls for a meeting of the administrative commissions in the community. They should come there for a week.
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