Guest night air — Andrew Khadanovich

Now guest night broadcast of Liberty is a poet, translator and teacher of literature Andrew Khadanovich.
People on the streets of Minsk utter, whether they read Belarusian poetry. Special Energy Valentin Mackiewicz comment on the latest beginning of Belarusian-Russian "gas war" in "Night of research papers" — the intention of the authorities in Minsk to prohibit trade in products in the markets and broadcasts from illegal trade on the streets. And utter inhabitants of Minsk, where they purchase products in the shops, on rygkah or in supermarkets? The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of Homel folk-rock group "Ban Zhvirba", and "Night Primer" — Igor Bobkov poems.
After the 23rd hour — review letters listeners "Freedom", the journey to the village of Liberty Zvyanyachy Tolochinsky area "Examination of Liberty" on the topic: "What is a new background in economic crisis Belarus relations and the Russian Federation? "And record online conference with the poet Andrei Hodanovich.
On the 22th hour — the air of Freedom and the Web.

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