U.S. «collided» with the highest demand for the F-35 fighter jets from the Gulf earlier than expected, said a senior U.S. Defense Department report December 6.

Washington has already approved the implementation of a new stealth fighter, including the Turkish Air Force, South Korea, land of the rising sun, and Israel, but exports to the Gulf countries requested more painstaking approach because U.S. policy in the region is to maintain high quality Israeli military an advantage in the Middle East.

Discussions about the possible sale of F-35 countries such as the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in the region began during international air show Dubai Air Show, held in November. At issue for these countries to sell F-35 is available either to create a new version of their (likely this option will have a lightweight avionics and software, shortened range of weapons and more than the highest level of visibility — approx. «VP»). Bureaucrats and experts believe that 2020 should not wait for exports, it will happen much later from the moment when, in 2016, Israel will get its first F-35.

A source in the Defense Ministry said that «deep interest» in the F-35 from the Gulf states surprise «some members of the U.S. government.» «We, at the Pentagon, recognize that there was considerable interest in this fighter. We knew, of course, that at some point have to deal with this issue, but this need came slightly earlier than we waited, and we will think what to do. Enthusiasm to the plane increases as it becomes more and more mature, people finally realized that this programm will be implemented, «says a source on the criteria of anonymity. The decision on the export of «sensitive technology» to foreign customers adopted by the Municipal Department of the United States after consultation with the Pentagon and other municipal agencies.

Lockheed Martin company produces three variants of fighter aircraft for the U.S. military and the eight participating countries applets — Britain, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Denmark and the Netherlands. F-35 also ordered Israel and Japan, South Korea in November has signaled that it plans to acquire these warplanes.

The program creation and production of fighter aircraft F-35 cost 392 billion dollars endured repeated delays and cost increases by 70% compared with the originally planned, but at the moment the process is successful. December 3 control applets Lieutenant General USAF Chris Bogdan (Chris Bogdan) said that programm rid of the «tragic past», the price goes down aircraft, flight tests last, most of the technical issues resolved.

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