Hands resting place created the Lithuanian and Belarusian youth

Good day! Belarusian Freedom invites you into another posture in the past, a day on July 25, various years.
* On the pages of "Banner of Youth" in 1967 graduate BSSR A.Yarashevich A.Zinovev and write about noteworthy places of Belarus "On Polessye you can hear the old tradition. Once, long ago appeared on the Pripyat ship under sail. Walked it is from the south, from distant states. Cna In the mouth it is anchored, and saves came foreigner. Polessko Enchanted Forest, he settled on the banks of the Pripyat and spent their last days here. Was this Avida Nazon. daughter of majestic so people poured at the grave of his highest mound. "
* "Building youth recreation area on the border began 2-districts — Voronovskiy Belarus and Lithuania Shalchyninskaga — reported in 1987," Russian Belarus. "- In colorful place near the village Benyakoni already streamlined forest countryside. Over time there will amfiteatar, numerous sports facilities. Inhabitants 2-districts will conduct joint evenings, amateur arts festivals, and other cultural events. Resting place hands created the Lithuanian and Belarusian youth. "
* "Name" in 1997 provides word Stanislav Shushkevich: "I hope that we will live as long as we celebrate independence day on March 25 — a day when it was created by Belarusian People’s Republic of. The more I know about in our history, even more so meaningful to me this is the most prazdnichka. Although before July 3, I too am fine, as I beheld the first tank, which entered the Minsk at the time of liberation, and it is for me prazdnichek unforgettable. "

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