Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus — part of my life

Karatkevich: "When you have finished their formal diplomatic activity, you said that now will be able to afford for themselves in their own activities are not controlled mandate diplomat and controlled Mandathat peoplea. Please explain what you want to say this? "
Vic: "I worked in the German diplomacy almost 50 years, and it was 50 years after the end of the second World War I, it was a job to restore peace and freedom in Europe — not only in my country, and in our adjacent countries in cooperation with our neighbors, the European Union and the OSCE. I think that at the moment in the German civilian society active groups who are interested in the same order and with whom I collaborate on the issue to public attention verbovaniya dilemmas lack of freedom and democracy in some countries close, for example, in Belarus. "
Karatkevich: "It seems that you have outlined the results of its own activities in Belarus?"
Vic: "I think that we, together with civilian society, and for a couple years and together with the government, have gained of success in the dialogue between management opposition parties, who formed a coalition and tried to make strides in the movement for democracy in Belarus, to free and fair the election. "
Karatkevich: "Do you believe that this power to change the electoral law?"
Vic: "Electoral Code has changed little, but the practice of electoral manipulation and intimidation by the exclusion of opposition groups and candidates are not changed, but this practice was publicly announced and have been presented to confirm these violations and is — a fundamental fact and important result."
"The fact that Germany has not changed — the false worldview"
Karatkevich: "Some Belarusian politicians call you" pro-Russian lobbyist. "Like you this Comment out?"
Vic: "I think there is resentment among people who remember cooperation Russian Union and Hitler’s Germany, to capture that Poland and these people thinking that Germany has not learned the lessons of history and not changed. I call these critics to visit Germany and behold, that its policy is based on the depth of cooperation with neighbors for mutual benefit of both Germany and adjacent countries. Because it is a false worldview. "
Karatkevich: "Do you have something or someone whom you miss in Belarus?"
Vic: "I miss sincere conversations with those who struggle for freedom and democracy. I met with some of them just a few days back, and then immediately recovered mutual trust between us."
Karatkevich: "Either you are interested in Belarusian culture?"
Vic: "Obviously, I’m interested in Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian culture, the culture of the Baltic States, because I was involved with in this part of Europe for 50 years. I motivate Merit these states in architecture, art, music, and also a link between the Belarusian culture and European culture. "
"Freedom of choice and election — an integral part of» emnaya industrial society"
Karatkevich: "What do you got working in Belarus?"
Vic: "It was a long and intense time of my life when I drove close cooperation with Belarusian society, and this proximity you will never reach if you only diplomatic tasks, official ties with the government, parliament and the media. In Belarus, I worked with all visited many political prisoners — about 20 — Belarusian bullpen, talked with them, as well as the directors of these prisons, and was in contact with all sides of life, and I really appreciate this experience. "
Karatkevich: "Do you believe in the future of Belarus?"
Vic: "Naturally, I believe, and I am sure that my faith is realized, so Belarus is at the center of European culture, including political and economic developments and changes to which it is, I hope to join in the political sense, as freedom of choice and the choice is an integral part of» emnay economic, industrial society. "

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