Harry Potter rescued Belarusian Lyceum?

The book came out in the summer of 2003, when Belarusian authorities almost deprived Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas building and tried to appoint its management. Lyceum immediately saw that magnificent story about school Hogwarts, where Harry Potter learns, remembers very situation around the Belarusian Lyceum. Lyceum even invited the English writer in Belarus.
In the fifth book in the Harry Potter even mentioned Minsk. "I ran into a mad trolls on the Polish border in Minsk almost became friends at the bar with ghoul — and it was all smooth sailing …"
By the way, in 2003 the new blockbuster "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the Belarusian Lyceum students began to read in English, without even waiting for the translation. And have seen there are many fascinating parallels.
Lyceum student knows then Franak Vyachorka:
"Then the whole Belarus read" Harry Potter ", as all summer of 2003 was marked by the protection of the Lyceum. We then spent a lot of stock. Harry Potter book only contributed to the fact that the problem of the Lyceum started first plan of the Belarusian society.
There are publications in leading Belarusian newspapers, the first band of "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" was devoted to the parallel between the book by JK Rowling and the Belarusian Lyceum. "
The plot of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is as follows: Hogwarts school of magic Ministry appointed headmistress latest Umbridge that is not fully versed in any magic, any magic, but it does not prevent her to set their own rules. But at the end of the book happy Harry Potter obsessed with friends and her former school vorachivaetsya Dombldar manager, who also heads the Ministry of Magic.
Specifically, the summer of 2003 there was an order of Kazimir Farino Deputy Minister to appoint the director of the Lyceum instead Vladimir Kolos City Department of Education inspector Tamara Shcherbatsevich. The then found a lyceum much more common.
Franak Vyachorka continues:
"There arises a number of other parallels, several other heroes: death knights, who in reality are similar to Belarusian Belarusian riot police. They can be seen as the then Minister of Education Brigadin and Foreign … In the film adaptation of the Belarusian no parallels are not counted, but parallel story preserved" .
Then, in 2003, lyceum wrote an open letter to the creator of the novel by JK Rowling and invited to visit Belarus. Letter passed through the British Embassy. Andrew Khadanovich wrote the poem "Harry Potter — Lyceum student," and the song appeared.
Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos recognized that if enough weighty tome, 850 pages, not master — there was no time, but:
"The story was really exciting, and I’m enjoying the movie looked. Was nice to read a poem dedicated to Harry Potter — our student Belarusian Lyceum, which was written by our teacher sovereign Hodanovich.
But the letter, which is written by the creator of the lyceum, there was no answer, and she did not come Minsk. But I think that it’s not very scary, as the story of the Lyceum had a very great response, responded many people, Lyceum and received very strong support ".
Vladimir Colas believes that particular book of the Harry Potter CONTRIBUTE then protect virtually Lyceum. And now he said that lyceum currently studying in Poland and already looked at the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", accomplished global premiere on July 13.
In Minsk, the show tapes began on July 19.

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