Healthy horses will numery. Horses without numerov will konfiskavats

"Babel" in 1917 print messages on the edge, "Bialystok. 10 and 11 sticks in Bialystok a range of institutions mentioned a 13 gadavshchynu Creator syonizmu, Gertselya. Suwalki. Suwalki County All horses will agledats or at their neem pasatsizny. Review will be held at the gendarmerie stations. numery give healthy horses. horses without numerov will konfiskavats. Minsk. Selanne village Morcha (Slutsk. Pav.) Decided to throw meystsovago pravaslavnago svyashchenika, take away parahviyalnyya books and church land to divide among themselves. "
"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927, Soviet Defense Week associated with the West: "An example — Latvia. Country — baby. And here bourgeoisie stretches to the same. For example, young people spend historical tours, the most innocent: lead to the remains of ancient castles or other places, which are associated with tradition. Lead with music, patriotic songs. Chapter tells the story, but to excite the warlike spirit, the dream of power, which was at the Knights of these places … and about the power of Latvia. "
"Minsk Truth" in 1977, holds a discussion of the draft Constitution of the USSR. Chief doctor Lahoisk district Ya.Kasovski offers: "People occasionally abuse alcohol despise exercise and sport, which lowers their productivity, negatively affects the education of the younger generation and brings many other losses. On my eyes, in recent Constitution to be written: "Every citizen of the USSR should save their health. Soviets of People’s Deputies should contribute to the health authorities in the organization of mandatory preventive passage population surveys."

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