Help about football» connect Iraqis?

After the sudden victory own team over three-time champion of Asia — Saudi Arabia’s national team — thousands of Iraqis in the evening on Sunday took to the streets. Many wept and danced obymalis.
In Iraq’s national football team players come from all main groups of Iraqi society — Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs, Kurds and turkamany. Prospect team looked pretty bleak, and least three potential coaches refused to lead the team. In the end, two months before the main competition was the coach of Iraq’s Brazilian Zhovan Vieira.
Many Iraqi supporters believe that victory can contribute to national unity. Here that reads Muhammad Mugesin Shiites living in a largely Shiite district in Baghdad Corrado.
"Satisfaction yesterday was not only the fact that we have overcome, and since it’s about» joined voedinyzhdy Iraqis and pushed aside religious differences. People felt that they were Iraqis that they are pleased with this achievement, it is an achievement for all of Iraq. "
Ali Adnan, an Iraqi citizen which is currently lives in Jordan, expressed similar thoughts in an interview with Reuters Television.
"I congratulate the maimed Iraqi population, and I hope that we will more Ratio. I pray to God» connect Sunnis and Shiites. Between us there is no difference. We are all brothers,» on United around the flag and around the team. I congratulate Iraq marred Iraq. "
Prem» Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that Iraqis overall satisfaction from winning "more hatred of terrorists."
But the road to this victory was not without casualties. July 25 bomb blast killed about 50 people from among those that were celebrating winning in Iraq in the semifinals against South Korea. More least seven people were killed by gunfire after finishing solemn victory.

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