How corrupt the system to the universities in Belarus?

Woman: "I think we have a pretty corrupt system to the universities because there are internal exams. And these exams have on creative subjects as, for example, we have in Vitebsk on the graphic arts department. Cause just on creative specialties, maybe people do not fall on talent or on opportunities and to pull. "
2nd woman: "I have many friends and have been reported in the past year, and This year, because of their examples perfectly clear: anyone ever have any dating … And then it happens that received by those who do not need this study, and needed only a "crust". Again, juggling with estimates with a certificate goes. It is painfully simple: pay means the school administration, or do something useful — buy school glazing in windows, for example, graduate certificate and score rising to unattainable heights! "
Man: "This system is corrupt because it inherited a legacy from another Russian system. Nothing has changed, and the system became even more corrupt. In opposition-minded youth a chance to get into a university practically zero. Faster way get friends" lukomol "or those who makes the game "Snow White Rus". That the authorities currently not required knowledge, and loyalty. "
Lady: "Nothing itself at the moment there, I think. Now I have a niece arrived in Vitebsk Technological Institute. Received itself, though, and could use the clout. Could, but not wished for, we have it fundamentally. And she came, however, to pay tuition. But which wantedand — of itself and also achieved ".
2nd lady: "When a person has money, then pay and go! And if you have a mind, but no money, it does not reach ever. Friend I did, he has a very good head cooks. But do not get! Only for a bribe at this moment. "
Man: "If you focus on the information that appears in the media, in Belarus there are times courts related to the corruption of teachers taking exams or have an impact on it. But already there training for all open space for corruption!"
Lady: "Yes, there is corruption, it is 100 percent! When my offspring going to college Vitebsk and handed kreslenne then was very a difficult task. All paatrymlivali only "seven" and "eight", and suddenly the 1st guy "10" … If all enrolled, the guys even had a curious there for such a genius. And he comes to my offspring and asks: "I portray a frame, I can not!" Turns out he really did not know and did not know how, but his uncle worked in this department. Well, now introduced a centralized testing, but all the same some clout there. Well, can not be so everything is transparent and just, so all we have equal rights! In our society itself can not be! "

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