How to bypass censorship on the web?

Lukashenko’s words that it was time to end the "anarchy on the Web" at the moment is very intense discussions are the founders of Internet resources.
Authorization for network monitoring?
As recalls web site editor "Charter 97" Natalia Radin, that it must legislation to regulate the web, read as many years — and the bureaucrats of the Ministry of disk imaging, and deputies House of Representatives:
"The authorities have long interfere with the functioning of the Web. Everybody understands that the web sites of the" Charter "radio" Freedom ", BelaPAN block during protests opposition or during election campaigns. Because at the moment, when Lukashenko said right thing to regulate web, bureaucrats, who also had read about it, start to act. But I hope that we can work with. Website of the "Charter" provides reliable, proven information and I hope that we continue to be able to read people the truth. "
Belarus adopts the Chinese experience?
Gennady programmer Bokun states that any technical difficulties, to deny access to one or another Internet resource, no:
"China’s experience indicates that it may be — at the municipal level to control traffic, access to certain web sites in the country’s borders, restrict this output. For ordinary users, not for very fully involved actually make such restrictions, that they for certain resources were not able to go: ie put filters at ISPs (or simply provider will be required to put these filters) forbade access to the resources. And all — output for users of these services providers will not be there. "
Combat unit censorship — sysadmin
Gennady Bokun states to neutralize the web does not need a large staff of programmers — immobilize "unnecessary" websites one system administrator is able to:
"No staff of programmers do not need. There is a corresponding software in which, once writing resource in the list of illegal, there closed access for all users. Other words a system administrator for an hour can roughly 100 hands write addresses, and these 100 addresses of Internet sites access will be closed to everyone who walks in the web through certain providers. "
How to get around censorship?
Is it realistic to get around obstacles that can be prepared for internet users? Programmer Yuri responds positively:
"For the average user there are several methods to circumvent blocking websites. Midst of the most common — it’s proxies, this proxy, the proxy addresses introduction and implementation of programs from" Tor Park. "
All of these systems work on the principle that the address or hides the real web site, or the user. More conventional method to get this system — use all known search engine "Google" and make a request by words "free proxy", "proxies" or "torus-park."
So makarom will be found a list of servers through which can be connect. This is a list of proxies. They change frequently, and no immutable list, to be elected from a list of one that is more suited to you, and to abstract nastroyvanni applets to view the web will be on the same Web site. "
• How to bypass Internet censorship?, 27.06.2007

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