Hugo Chavez: We will go without warnings

Minsk airport on Chavez met Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko Venezuelan favorite daughter arrived in Belarus, son and two grandchildren.
After the motorcade headed to the Presidential Administration, which features Alexander Lukashenko.
Both favorite confessed his love to the peoples respectively Belarus and Venezuela, and Chavez said that with this level of relationship do not even need each other warn that we say, let’s go.
Announced that talks between the old generation raised in trade, energy and military-technical spheres.
On the basis of the agreements Venesuela led Belarus in plain areas of the Orinoco oil production.
According to the plan "Belneftekhim" until the end of the summer is scheduled to make a corresponding joint venture, and since 2008, Belarus can produce about 2 million tons of oil a year.
A.Potupa "Venesuela may be Belarusian health resort "
Economist Alexander Patupa states that in an international context heads of Belarus and Venezuela are destined to have mutual interests:
"For example, Venezuela needs many kinds of guns. And it’s not so much in the arms, but in the assembly, spare parts, etc., which in fact for many is a difficult problem. Regarding mutual needs, it energoelementy — first oil.
This does not imply direct flights to Caracas tankers to the Baltic Sea. This so-called mutual exchange or delivery, there is a scheme of standard operations. And maybe in the future, will be the All-Belarusian sanatorium on Venezuelan beaches. Well, this is an analogue of stay in Cuba. "
We consider the ability to do in Venezuela assembly of Belarusian agricultural machinery and build factories role Belarusian professionals — first for the production of bricks and other building materials.
In the end, just as in the long-term cooperation plans, Belarusians posodeystvuyut Venezuelans bring improvement program from the countryside — for this purpose on the American continent will be held following the expansion of agro-towns with their gazyfikatsyyay.
P.Kozlovsky: "Belarus does not have nothing special to offer Chavez"
In the past year Venesuela already had spent three billion dollars on the purchase of Russian weapons. During today’s visit to the capital, Chavez expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition of several Russian submarines production for its own fleet.
Strategic interests in Belarus and more moderate, according to the last defense minister of Belarus Pavel Kozlovsky, unless they relate to the modernization of the army air defense systems in Venezuela:
"Maybe just this option will be considered — air defense. Even convinced that the issue will be considered.
As for other positions, Belarus has no real proposals Chavez. There are certain supplies of small guns, ammunition once had a lot of, but almost all implemented. Because more real — it means defense.
And that enthusiasm manifested? Well, you can do business with everyone, all are trading tool, because I do not see anything disgusting. Another thing, Belarus now these questions solves only with those states which are on the other side of the democratic world. "
Minsk Hugo Chavez go to one more property of others, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The other day, Chavez expressed support for Iran’s right to produce nuclear program from and said: it is possible that at some point Venesuela also follow the example of Iran.
Recall that Belarus has also announced its intention to build a nuclear power station. Now Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky said that the tender for the construction of nuclear power plants will be announced recently.

Venezuelan favorite for the first time visited Belarus a year earlier, in July. In September 2006, the Heads of State met in Havana during the Summit of the Non-Aligned.
A proanonsirovat May 2007, traveled with Lukashenko in Caracas did not come true. But in Venezuela large delegation headed by Viktor Sheiman.

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