I believe that happy people will laugh and be glad that you live

I believe that the time will come and my country Belarus will be free and democratic, how happy people will be gratifying to laugh and be glad that you live. A while a dream in which I am very incarnation believe.
I live in an ordinary Belarusian village that summer drowning in lush gardens. Beautiful ribbon surrounds her cancer Disenka that flows into the Dvina. It seems a paradise, but not heavenly life here. No coming in my home village. 80 percent of its population — elderly people who, for 70-80 years. Certainly, on the 1st born accounted for 10 fatalities. Small salary at the heavy work forced the youth to find happiness elsewhere. Praed in our neighborhood, and you uzreesh huge number of abandoned houses whose owners have gone to another world. Becomes sick at heart from that species.
When I was 50 years ago came to work as a teacher, in our farm was only one zapivoh n», which everyone knew from which everyone laughed. Now some laugh. Even women spilisya. Already at seven o’clock in the afternoon, you can see the fence under n» Yanagi men or n» yanuyu Babu. And how many of these poor souls went early to the light because of this accursed vodka, how many are left orphans and widows.
Surely someone profitably spayvats people, n» yanymi easier to manage. Man get his small salary and thinks, what to do: carry home or in a restaurant. Unfortunately, overcomes eatery.
In particular, it pains me to build a fence or ditch n» Yanagi my disciple. Each of them gave me a particle of his soul, so it is very sad that he broke, do not survived in life. Once I read them bitter words: "Man is born to be happy as a bird to fly." And where it is happiness?
And yet I believe that "the sun peep in our little window." Man getting a decent wage, would cherish the place of work and it will be up to vodka and sober man — this is a good seven» Yanin, a good worker. And this can only be a power that is not verbally, but in fact serve their own people. And that kind of power we will have, I believe it! I believe that there will then be judged Young people for the use of their mother tongue, for his role in youth actions that will be free to go private funds mass disk imaging. And I believe in it all.
Hell Raychonok — Chairman of cultural and educational center Jazeps Drozdovich v.Germanavichy, Sharkovshchina.

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